Hey y'all,

Now you all know how to make a cfg (see my previous GUIDE) I present you a way to exec them all in a easy way.

To do this we are going to use the famous autoexec.cfg
This has two great things about it.
1) You can exec all of your cfgs by just execing one.
2) ET will automaticaly exec autoexec.cfg when you start it.

Now lets get to the point and I will tell you how to make and use it.

First we are going to make one.
Again we need to go to etmain and make a notepad file, this time we will call it autoexec.cfg
Lets assume your cfgs are called;

Now we are going to open autoexec.cfg and write the following;
exec one.cfg
exec two.cfg
exec test.cfg
exec blabla.cfg
Now close and save it.
Do not remove it from your etmain folder(acctualy, do not remove any cfgs from your etmain because they will not work anymore)

Now if we open ET the it will execute (exec) one.cfg two.cfg test.cfg and blabla.cfg automaticaly (thats why its called AUTOexec )

That is all for now,
Hope it helped you make playing ET easier


PS: I made multiple GUIDES for cfg making, to follow them in the correct order check the (number) in the topic title