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    Re: CoD 5 Mombot Public!

    Please update it to 1.7 patch :]

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    Re: CoD 5 Mombot Public!

    open you eye's next time there is already many hax out for 1.7 And don't bump old theards
    Do you want inside the best cod series Hacking clan since 2003?
    Join us!
    i got new Prosessor AMD Phenom X6 1090T(6x 3.6 GHz)
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    Re: CoD 5 Mombot Public!

    uhhh does it have virus?

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    Re: CoD 5 Mombot Public!

    I got a problem, it say ''Point me to the game'' or something. I go to my Call of duty world at war and press there and it say ''Injetion failed'' and I try again and it only give the same answers. And I have read what you said to CruZën but I dont understand.
    Should I put the .Dll file in the codwaw file or what ?

    Please answer
    From Deepblue.

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    Re: CoD 5 Mombot Public!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hc4lNickNL View Post
    This is only for the cod5 beta , Wich was closed when the full game got released.
    This hack will not work on the full cod5 version.
    Cheaters always win!

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