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    Little Collection

    A little collection of posts in various threads & sections:

    Quote Originally Posted by sloppyjoe View Post
    Cool thanks a lot guys will do, this is why I love this forum people are so friendly!
    Quote Originally Posted by lllskiplll View Post
    THANK you team

    I like you site your are the bst site of the world
    Quote Originally Posted by Monstar View Post
    i agree best sit in world
    Quote Originally Posted by Jazeon View Post
    The members and the hacks are really awesome here.
    And especially the forum script is the best!
    Quote Originally Posted by petitfilou View Post

    very beautiful site, good continuation.
    Quote Originally Posted by marcv0805 View Post
    Hello from marcv0805. Nice looking site.
    Quote Originally Posted by aiman95 View Post
    Hey ya this is the best site for hacks and i love it

    i am posting to interduce my self


    Quote Originally Posted by ville84 View Post
    Nice site, going to be nice to get to know you guys
    Quote Originally Posted by larry0123 View Post
    What a great site, i love the game rtcw.I know its old but great to have some good old fun.
    Quote Originally Posted by killa916 View Post
    i love you all so very much omggg
    Quote Originally Posted by sirloch545 View Post
    i love your site and i so yeh
    Quote Originally Posted by caputino View Post a linux user...its good to join in this great community!..Thank u all
    Quote Originally Posted by gaco15 View Post
    hi everyone

    Great to be here. Hope you all have as much fun playing as much as I.
    Quote Originally Posted by ghaleon View Post
    Great website, cant wait to see all the apps you guys have come up with.
    Quote Originally Posted by dubzy View Post
    hey im new here, seems like a really great friendly community. nice to meet you!
    Quote Originally Posted by moduz94 View Post
    Hello guys im new in this forum!!! yay it's great!
    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post have alot ppl by
    The great cheats relase here
    The nice ppl
    And most games were all like!
    Quote Originally Posted by jdn1
    hello! I just wanted to say thanks! If it wasn't for your site i would never have found !k-0t1c! again! For the last 12 months i have been playing quake live hacking with AA and other budget sites all the time searching generally on a daily basis for !k-0t1c! but never returned anything.

    I have been to this site a number of times and pulled up the same old forum searches that brought me here. Today i got the shits and thought i would make an account and post a thread in the Quake forum. I couldn't frigin believe it!!! Within hours i got a response, the 1st response form the moderator of that forum pointing me straight to !k-0t1c! .

    I immediately registered paid etc and am waiting on confirmation as it doesn't seem as straight forward as other hacks forums with registering and getting the cheat local ready for injection.

    Basically bottom line is and all i really wanted to say out of my excited butterflies is that if this is genuine and have just paid dollars to be reunited with !k-0t1c! then i am going to donate to your site!! If it wasn't for you i don't think i ever would have found him again.

    Couldn't find jack on you tube nothing, which is why im skeptical but still very hopeful!!

    Im going to make myself a regular on this forum i think! Its massive! Always wanted to be a moderator! I think im going to try here.
    Thank you again for this! You have no idea how much this has meant LMAO!

    Merry Xmas and Happy new year to you and your family!



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    Re: Little Collection

    Its all true too, thank you xhalt for making this site, AND THANK YOU FELLOW MEMBERS! we are more than "dirty cheaters" we are a family!
    I poopseded my pants

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    Re: Little Collection

    you are right man this site is great <3 for ever

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    Re: Little Collection

    AB In My Heart <3

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    Re: Little Collection

    Quote Originally Posted by barabazz View Post
    Yeah, but dont bump old threads.
    Cheaters always win!

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    Re: Little Collection

    Quote Originally Posted by HermanETH32 View Post
    Yeah, but dont bump old threads.
    =D but it is nice i dont saw all posts in this forum and sometimes i read good things like this =)
    but your right with the bump thing

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