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    Wink HowTo : Open et server on LINUX

    HI guys, ive heard about people wich want to open a dedicated server on linux, ubuntu, etc, and i was thinking, hey, im running my own server on linux, so why not giveing any ideas about open server ?

    INFO :


    ET VERSION : 2.55


    OMNIBOT 0.66

    Lets start,

    ur first step at opening a homehost server, is to get the best enemy territory version [ i think i does ] by this :

    Open a terminal window [ Applications => Accessories => Terminal / Konsole ]
    in the terminal window u should wiert this for get enemy territory [2.55]

    This will save u the file : about the /home/user folder, after its done to save, download DONT CLOSE TERMINAL/KONSOLE, instade it wiert :

    sudo apt-get install libgtk1.2
    Stil dont close terminal, after u done to type it right up, type this :

    chmod +x
    Stil dont close it ! u will need now to type this :

    Then we have it installed on ur folder u selected, now for the hard part, we want to running server ! thats our point ! how we doing it ?

    We have some hard steps right now, so we will mark it

    | server |
    | Installiton |
    | Part |

    1.1 : We need get etpub ! [ our mod for the server ]
    1.2 : Installing it up with a cfgs [ linux ]
    1.3 : Editing shrubbot,server,settings cfgs
    1.4 : Command line
    1.5 : How we run our server
    1.6 : Computer Players
    ===== Read down =====
    1.1 : what is etpub ? etpub is a mod for enemy territory, wich great for cheaters aimbotters, etc.

    How do i get etpub ? oh, thats very simple, u just need to click : -HERE-

    step 1.1 done,

    1.2 : How do i installing etpub ? im on linux ! theres no .exe! . also, very simple,
    Just follow what i typeing !
     First, go to ur et localiton, and next to etmain, make a folder wich called etpub, after u done it so far, Go to => etpub-0.8.1 => glibc-2.1 => u will see a file wich called, , copy him to etpub folder next to etmain, => installed etpub done!
    part 1.2 done,

    1.3 : Now, u will need simple server.cfg, shrubbot.cfg,defult.cfg,settings.cfg files!
    But u dont have it, for that , i uploaded simple cfg files for u!

    DL : -HERE-

    Now edit ur files, as i noticed in the cfgs. and ur done this part.
    part 1.3 done,

    1.4 : Command line ? huh ? what it is ? Command line is the terminal window that is server running through, u will have etded.x86 and etded in ur et localiton, go to etded[not .x86] open it in display mode, now u should edit it, simple as i useing :

    # Needed to make symlinks/shortcuts work.
    # the binaries must run with correct working directory
    cd "/path/to/ETLocaliton"
    ./etded.x86 +set fs_homepath "27960" +set net_port "27960" +set sv_punkbuster "0" +set net_ip "ServerIpHere" +set fs_game "etpub" +set dedicated "2" +exec "server.cfg" +exec "campaigncycle.cfg" $*
    exit $?
    // fs_homepath - Same as port, name folder, wich port side
    // net_port - Server port
    // sv_punkbuster - PB
    // net_ip - SERVER IP
    // fs_game - server mod [etpub]
    // dedicated - public in list - DO NOT CHANGE
    // exec server - exec server.cfg

    step 1.4 done,

    1.5 : The easiest part, how to run our server ! make sure u did all the steps, and click the etded file, and run through terminal ! should work perfectly

    step 1.5 done,

    1.6 : Players do not come to my server ! it very empty, i want computer players, how ? Very simple !
    Follow this :
    Go to => etpub-0.8.1 => extra => OmniBot-0.66 => In it, u will see folder, called omni-bot, move it to ur et localiton, next to etpub folder, and go to ur server.cfg, search for omni-bot localiton, as i noticed in step 1.3 , and make sure its the same localiton, turn ur server off, turn it on agine ! should work perfect.
    Step 1.6 done,

    Lets make sure we did all right !

    Step 1.4
    Step 1.5
    Step 1.6,

    AnD were done !

    No copys, i made it with my own hands

    Replays not costing $ ! then replay

    Thank me if i helped

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    Re: HowTo : Open et server on LINUX

    com'n people. comments do not cost money

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    Re: HowTo : Open et server on LINUX

    I think if you posted this at Enemy Territory Linux section you would get more reply's and thanks,
    but since 99 percent here is Windows XP they don't thank you for this because its not helping that,

    But anyways thanks for making it,
    Very useful for linux people!

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    Re: HowTo : Open et server on LINUX

    great article! I really wanna do this but i have CentOS (redhat stuff). Do you know any rpm versions of wolf et?

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    Re: HowTo : Open et server on LINUX

    Quote Originally Posted by Boyo View Post
    great article! I really wanna do this but i have CentOS (redhat stuff). Do you know any rpm versions of wolf et?
    As far as I know, there is not developed any rpm of Wolf ET :] .. Yet..

    We can always hope ;P

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    Re: HowTo : Open et server on LINUX

    i am getting errors

    Omni-bot: ^2Looking for /home/wolfet1/omni-bot/
    Omni-bot: ^2Found Omni-bot: /home/wolfet1/omni-bot/, Attempting to Initialize
    ^1Unable to Initialize Omni-Bot.

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