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    [question] can i do something? =P

    hi, i am an italian student
    please, forgive my little english
    i saw this forum and i was shocked by the big friendship (i help you, you help me..) that it is inside here..
    i have read some tutorial of hacks on games, especially call of duty 4
    i have a question for you: with my programmer's skills, can i do something? i want to code a radar for cod4, i am not a newbie in programmation, i have learned C by myself (using guides and books, and not teachers, all here), i have learned a bit of Java (so.. classes)

    this is a software that i have developed, a keylogger, please, watch the code, am i enough skilled to do something? i know only C, C++ is new for me, but i can learn it quickly, i think, if it is necessary to do the radar..

    keylogger page: censored, even if it is harmless

    sorry if this is not the correct forum area for this question!

    bye all!

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    Re: [question] can i do something? =P

    First-of-all, if you are looking into becoming staff, you MUST comply to our rules which include on keyloggers/illegal stuff.

    Please remove the link to your keylogger. It is very nice actually, but not allowed.

    If you are interested in joining staff (coder, mod, etc.) then you must be active, help other users, post alot, etc.

    You can start a project of making a game hack, post it here; help other users; etc..

    Also, since you only have 1 post (this one), you are going nowhere quick

    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write back

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    Re: [question] can i do something? =P

    oh yea and dont go begging for lvls..

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    Re: [question] can i do something? =P

    ok thanks.. but.. my question? =P

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    Re: [question] can i do something? =P

    Wellity wellity wellity...

    Quote Originally Posted by FreckleS View Post
    Game hooks are mainly coded in C++, so you will need to know almost all there is to know about the language. Start by reading this:
    From a true pro who knows more than anyone I know..^^

    As from a post I read some where I think it was from Sinner saying that in order to code game hooks you needed to know in order of learning:
    -Q3 Engine
    Or something like that..
    "The pain you feel today, will be the strength you feel tomorrow"

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