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    [Tutorials]Visual Basics

    Ok guys i have a bit time left since school will start soon and i won't be online anymore soo il do few tutorials in visual basic in this tutorial i will cover basics of the language i included source files and documents where are all tutorials i have written by now i have been studying a bit last few weeks i also know C# Soo it wasn't soo hard to write them this is only Part1 of tutorials i will also do part 2(sure) and 3(mabey)

    I hope you will be enjoying my tutorials.

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    Here to help with ANY questions about

    Fell free to PM me anytime if you need help!

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    Re: [Tutorials]Visual Basics

    Bit baisc Can you do more like advanced? I mean like 2-3 steps over that.

    Ps. Great job

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