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    Opensource MW2 clienthook development

    ESP, Aimbot and some other stuff is already done, but I decided to rewrite everything and make the hack opensource, so the only code available at the time of posting this is the core hooking stuff and detection of some key events needed for cheats (Com_Frame(), EndFrame(), CL_InitCGame(), more to come). The method currently used is undetected, but I expect VAC to detect it soon. When it happens, I'm going to change it to make the hack undetected (have something in mind that they won't detect easily, especially not accross multiple versions of the game).

    From the README.txt:
    # Information for coders
    - Game's .text section does not get modified, the only things we are
      are allowed to patch are various other WINAPIs and D3D/sound stuff
    - The goal is to intercept some of the key events:
      > CG_Init()
      > RE_EndFrame()
      - If we intercept these two, we are already able to do a lot of stuff,
        including ESP, Radar, Aimbot and probably a bunch of other stuff.
    - No offsets should be hardcoded, the same goes for structures. The goal
      is to find the needed information at runtime using pattern matching.
      An exception could be made for structs that aren't likely to change,
      e.g. refdef_t, but stuff like clientInfo and cg_entities should be
      located together with their member's offsets dynamically.
    - IDE used: Visual Studio 2008. If someone else starts working on it
      with me and uses something else, we'll create multiple solution files.
    - Language used: The hack is coded entirely in C, not C++! Inline ASM
      may be used when needed, but should be avoided whenever possible.
    Web browser URLs:
    TRAC - Timeline:
    TRAC - Browse code:

    If you want to check out the repository using a SVN client: (you can browse it using a web browser, too)

    The hack is and will continue to be designed completely dynamic, meaning all the core stuff will be found dynamically at runtime using pattern matching, including function pointers, core structures and even structure members' offsets. The only hardcoded stuff will be structures and some types that aren't likely to change, but stuff like clientInfo_t, cg_entities and similar will be analyzed on the hack initialization. The hack will not contain their definitions in the code.

    As mentioned above, right now Com_Frame(), EndFrame() and CL_InitCGame() are being detected - using only one hook, timeGetTime()!

    Code sample:

    Similar to the wallhack that I posted for COD4, this hack uses stack walking technique to detect which function called the function we hooked.

    Will post more information when I re-implement the drawing stuff, aimbot, etc.
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    Re: Opensource MW2 clienthook development

    all the links are dead.

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    Re: Opensource MW2 clienthook development

    Quote Originally Posted by newtechnology View Post
    all the links are dead.
    The date of this post was December 19th, 2009. Of course they're dead.

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