This will list all Directories -> Sub Directories - > Files within a specific directory. You could quite easily filter which files/file types you wanted to be displayed but I will let you figure that out

' Recursive Search by FreckleS

Imports System.IO
Module Module1
    Sub Main()
        Search("C:\") ' Which directories to search
        Console.ReadLine() ' Display Output
    End Sub

    Sub Search(ByVal directoryPath)
        Dim files() As String ' Unset array of files
        Dim directories() As String ' Unset array of directories

        files = Directory.GetFiles(directoryPath) ' Load all files
        For Each File In files ' Each file
        Next ' Get the next file

        directories = Directory.GetDirectories(directoryPath) ' Load all the sub directories
        For Each Directory In directories ' Each directory/sub directory
            Console.WriteLine(Directory) ' This will write the directory (not needed but you can use)
            Search(Directory) ' Go again in new directory
        Next ' Get the next directory
    End Sub
End Module