I've been here from 2007 and I've been visiting this community every single day a couple of times.
Yet, I might not have a high post count, I love this community!

There's the fast support from the team, the good uptime of the site, the powerful web system and the friendly administrator & moderators.

I got here from a player in ET who referred me, and since that day I've made friends here, made a lot of fun, pumped my head full of useful, not to mention tasty, information, learned every single bit I was interested in, and got support of my friends.

Thanks to the gfx forum, I fell in love with graphics and passed every day hours in front of Photoshop, learning, and teaching others, I never followed any classes for it, just googled what I needed, tested things out and became one and all Adobe fan.

I never made/had any enemies here, everyone is friendly on it's own way, and heck, everyone can have a bad day.

When you need something, which has anything to do with this community, ask it here, and you will get it, even better then you wanted it!

But why only talk about the good things? Are there bad things? To be really honest with you, I wouldn't be able to tell you one, not now, maybe a few weeks ago, but it is improving more and more, and becoming a professional powerful tool to any cheaters/hackers/coders/gamers/... .

Do it the good way! Do it the Aimbots.net way!