Hello All!

The following color codes can be used to modify the colors in your Steam Community nickname (e.g. the nickname that is displayed in-game while playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2). You can also use these color codes to modify the colors of anything you type during an in-game conversation.

The step-by-step instructions on how to change your Steam nickname/profile name are as follows:

1. Open Steam and click the "Community" tab
2. Click on "Edit My Profile" under the "Actions" heading (top right-hand side of screen)
3. In the space provided for your "Profile Name", use the following color-codes for desired effect:

^1 - RED
^2 - GREEN
^4 - BLUE
^5 - CYAN
^6 - PINK
^7 - WHITE
^0 - BLACK

*For example: if I want to add multiple colors to my profile name, which is LiQuid Haze, I could do the following - ^1LiQuid ^4Haze. This would, while playing MW2, look like this: LiQuid Haze.

I'm not familiar with what both numbers 8 and 9 do or what effect they represent but feel free to experiment. From what I've seen, you can definitely use every color available just by adding the color codes ("^" and the corresponding color number) before each letter/word.

NOTE: The above color codes also work for all Quake Engine games and the Call of Duty series (though the code numbers MAY be different). I have successfully used the above codes for my nickname on Steam/Modern Warfare 2.


EDITED: There MAY BE other games to where these color codes work that I did not mention. If you have any games that I can add to this "master" list, PLEASE post a reply!