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    [Release] GEUpRising.dll Private Server DLL (Fixed Version)


    ALM - Created
    Zephyr - Helped if needed
    Axel_Freak - Bypass

    How To Use:
    Only seems to work on DarkgunZ and Servers that don't have a working antihack!
    If you have a Trinity GunZ bypass or Euro GunZ bypass then this dll WILL work.

    Step 1: Please d3d9.dll, GEUpRising.dll and DG Client.dll in DarkGunZ root folder.

    Step 2: Run GunZ.exe

    Step 3: While in Game Press num+0 for commands for hacks! Enjoy.

    Video Tutorial: YouTube - Chaîne de TheGameExploiters

    Numpad 0 Help Command - Gives credits and Hotkeys

    Alt+G God Mode

    Alt+E Name ESP

    Alt+W Wall Hack

    Alt+P Paperwalls

    Alt+I Infinate Block

    Alt+C Sword Crosshair

    Alt+N Ninja Jump

    Alt+S Spin Hack

    Alt+F Fly Hack

    Alt+U Float Hack

    Alt+B Disable Flashbangs



    SendSpace: Download from - send big files the easy way
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    Re: [Release] GEUpRising.dll Private Server DLL (Fixed Version)

    Hack Patched .
    Request To Close Thread Please

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