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    Wink [reloease]injector and hacks for V88

    i found hacks for the last version of maple and i would like to share it here
    i know im new but i was in this forum long time without being registed
    so he we go
    the rar file include 2 thing
    1 is the injector
    2 the hack him self that you have to inject to maple
    download link: - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    if you need a tutorial for the injecto tell me here
    enjoy hacking

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    Re: [reloease]injector and hacks for V88

    Make a tutorial.btw why does this show up as a trojan?

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    Re: [reloease]injector and hacks for V88

    close thisT hread im opening another one with better hacks and a tutorial.
    by the way its show you there is trojan horse becouse nexon dont want poeple to do hacks so they paid for
    the anti virus to say there is virus... thats what i heard that show its trojan to me too in a couple av's

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    Re: [reloease]injector and hacks for V88

    Wooow infact for me worked ,but i used the universal injector

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