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    Wink GamerzAim Pro - GIS Public v10.11

    GamerzAim Pro - GIS Public v10.11
    Updated October 11

    GamerzAim Pro
    Version GIS

    Don't need key room or Room Master , run perfect any position in room.


    Important Close all browser windows, especially if Internet Explorer prior to login to GunBound.
    Run GamerzAimPro
    Log in GunBound.
    Between, on one server.
    Click the Butom of GamerzAim Pro
    If you want to use the GamerzAim, press Supr / Del, to enable GamerzAim.
    Inside the game use the "Interface Old" or "Interface New".
    Have fun !


    Insert Mode BackShot
    Supr/Del Active mode Memory
    Ctrl + Mouse Position of the enemy
    Ctrl + PowerBar Draw Line (Mode: Proshot)
    Ctrl + F12 Closing the GamerzAim
    Re. Pag Increases the Mobile
    Av. Pag Decrease the Mobile
    Alt + A Changed Mode (Default is Mode: Dragonbot)

    Support for Phoenix Shot 2 and SS
    In this version Line White is for Phoenix Shoot 2 and Line Yellow is Phoenix Shoot SS.

    Mode GamerzAim Pro
    Proshot: You choose the select or click the powerbar GunBound and GamerzAim shows you the line where the shot will hit (Use Ctrl to see the draw line).
    Dragonbot: is using normal mode.. select target.

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    Re: GamerzAim Pro - GIS Public v10.11

    no outside links read the rules

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