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    cod Black ops - PlayerSnap / PlayerState

    typedef struct{
            char unknown100[172]; 
        float MapState1; //0x00AC  
        float MapState2; //0x00B0  
        float MapState3; //0x00B4  
        float MapStateDead; //0x00B8  
        float MapStateDead2; //0x00BC  
            char unknown192[4]; //0x00C0
        __int32 Flags; //0x00C4  
        __int32 isReloading; //0x00C8  
            char unknown204[56]; //0x00CC
        float Leaning; //0x0104  
            char unknown264[48]; //0x0108
        __int32 State; //0x0138 1 Default 4 running 7 sprint 
            char unknown316[52]; //0x013C
        __int32 weaponSelect; //0x0170  
            char unknown372[68]; //0x0174
        __int32 clientNum; //0x01B8  
            char unknown444[48]; //0x01BC
    PlayerSnap_t*    PlayerSnap = (PlayerSnap_t*)0xE3DEA0;

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    Re: cod Black ops - PlayerSnap / PlayerState

    Says unknown cmd

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