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    Get NudgesToolsScript-1.38 for msn Windows XP Build 8117

    because the NudgesToolsScript aren't updated for the lates xp msn version, i decided to make it compatible

    changes i made

    //AddressIcon= [0x561F42,0x56336A,0x563B53,0x563B53]

    else if(Messenger.VersionBuild==8050){i=0}else if(Messenger.VersionBuild==8064){i=1}else if(Messenger.VersionBuild==8089){i=2}else if(Messenger.VersionBuild==8117){i=3}
    all other credits goes to the original author of that script:TheGuRuSupremacy

    How to Install:
    First Close your messenger next put the NudgesToolsScript folder inside Messenger Plus! Live/Scripts then start your msn plus login now go into MSN plus options and select scripts and enable the script.


    all other questions please read from the original author the readme.

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    Re: Get NudgesToolsScript-1.38 for msn Windows XP Build 8117

    Could you do one for Windows 7? 32 and 64 bit? PWEESE!

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