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    **** This is a discontinued project. I am currently working on a better, but similar, version that will hopefully be bug-free and chock full of the same stuff. I haven't had much inspiration for all this since I've lost the source countless times to many reasons. This time, I'm here to stay and finish this for you guys and get this thing decent and good. Thanks for all your support and credit! I appreciate it, and it makes me want to keep going and make this better for you guys as I learn. Be tuned as I will be updating this post on the status of the project. As of right now, I just started it a few minutes ago, and will be transferring some old stuff and updating it with newer methods. I also will be making new improvements to initialization of the hack to make it smooth and crash-free. Again, thank you for your support and I hope the current hack is stable enough to have some fun with! ****

    Hai dere :3

    Okay, so the first couple thousand releases of this hack were terrible because I rushed them...
    BUT THAT'S OKAY! That's why editing is possible. Here's a taste of the new RageHack coming soon.
    I've only added a few features so far, and yes I know it's ugly. I will be making some much
    needed changes to this hack as time goes on, and will be fixing bugs and glitches as well. I'm
    taking my sweet ass time this time around because of all the bugs and problems that arose with
    the other versions. If you guys can help, and post some bug reports, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    I also ask that this remain an Release. I do not give permission to anyone to post
    this hack anywhere else without asking myself first, or under my own doing. Thank you.

    // ===========================================

    - Windows XP ( 32Bit / 64Bit )
    - Windows Vista ( 32Bit / 64Bit )
    - Windows 7 ( 32Bit / 64Bit )

    // ===========================================

    - 1.7 Only

    // ===========================================

    - Easily Enabled/Disabled ( one setting to enable/disable all of the aimbot completely )
    - Intelligent Single-bone Autoaim ( aims at targets only when the weapon is able to fired and a target is available )
    - Smart Auto Attack ( shoots automatically when a target is available for the aimbot )
    - Aim Through Walls ( check bullet penetration through walls to enable aiming through walls ) **BETA**
    - Minimum Aim Through Damage ( bare minimum damage check to enable aiming through walls ) **BETA**
    - Changeable Primary Aimbot Bone ( 16 different bones to choose from [First 6 are primary bones, last 10 are left/right bones] )
    - Auto Prediction ( ping, distance, and velocity formula )
    - Auto Prediction Value Add-in ( takes over prediction value if auto-predict is disabled )
    - Self Prediction ( counters local player movement to maintain accuracy )
    - Self Prediction Adjustment ( customizable self-prediction counter force )
    - Fire Ready Check ( reload, sprinting, throwing a grenade, etc. )
    - Target Preference ( prefer last killer, non-moving, prefer moving, moving only, non-moving only, or distance )
    - Lock Mouse When Aiming ( prevent mouse movement when aimbot is locked onto a target )
    - Aimpoint Adjustment ( fine tune the aimbot's target vector for maximum accuracy )
    - Visible Trace Restriction ( adjust the visibility threshold for targets through penetratable materials )
    - Save Aimbot Calculations ( prevent the aimbot from altering view angles until the weapon is 100% ready to fire )

    - Easily Enabled/Disabled ( one setting to enable/disable all esp completely )
    - Team Selection ( only display on enemies, friendlies, or both )
    - Name ( display name of player above their head )
    - Distance ( display distance from you to the player in feet below the player's feet )
    - Weapon Text ( display name of current held weapon of player below their feet )
    - Weapon Icon ( display an icon of the current held weapon to the right of the player )
    - Bounding Box ( draw a 2D box around the player's entity bounds to show their exact position )
    - Customizable Type ( full box always, cornered box when non-visible, full when visible, corenered box always )
    - Visible Checks ( intelligent visible checks seperate from aimbot )
    - Skeleton Bones ( see a full 2D skeleton of player through every wall )
    - Snap Lines ( draw a 2D line from the bottom center of your screen to the feet of other players )
    - Snap Line Type ( choose between only visible players or always visible snap lines )
    - Extra Entities ( indicate explosives, helicopters, and/or airstrikes as esp )
    - Intelligent Explosive Icon ( draw an icon on the explosives appropriate to the type of explosive such as claymore, frag, and flash )
    - Airstrike ( draw an airstrike icon on the position of the airstrike planes to indicate their presence )
    - Helicopter ( draw a helicopter icon on the position of the helicopter to indicate it's presence )
    - Font Selector ( change fonts for the esp easily and quickly [Game fonts only] )
    - Font Scale ( customize the size of the esp font from half size to 3x the normal )
    - Color Display ( different colors based on visibility of the player, if they're the last killer, or the aimbot's target )

    - Easily enabled/disable ( one setting to enable/disable all visual elements )
    - 2D Crosshair ( draw a 2D + on the center of the screen for a dedicated, non-moving crosshair )
    - Adjustable Size ( change the size of the + on-screen easily [In pixel size] )
    - HUD Kill Messages ( display extra enhancements on-screen when you're killed, first blood, etc. )
    - 3D/2D Chams ( color the player models with a bright skin to indicate visibility very easily )
    - 2D Player Radar ( displays positions of enemy and friendly players on a custom radar ) ** NEW **
    - 2D Radar Cross ( draws a simple classic cross in the center of the radar ) ** NEW **
    - Player Count ( draws the number of alive players for each team[Must have radar on, I will fix that soon if requested] ) ** NEW **
    - Player Statistics ( draw tracked statistics from your current game from start to finish )
    - Kills
    - Headshots
    - Knives ( Bashes )
    - Killing Spree
    - Longest Spree
    - Last Kill ( Name )
    - Deaths
    - Suicides
    - Last Killer ( Name )

    - Easily enabled/disable ( one setting to enable/disable all hack elements )
    - No Recoil ( eliminate all kick-back of every gun )
    - No Shellshock ( eliminate the visual shellshock, flashbang, and stun effects )
    - Dvar Unlocker ( use locked or cheat protected cvars freely [fx_enable, r_fog, etc.] )
    - Killsounds ( play Unreal Tournament III sounds indicating kill status )
    - Killspam ( send a chat string to the server displaying who you killed and how many times )

    - Customizable ESP colors ** NEW **
    - Enemy Visible ** NEW **
    - Enemy Nonvisible ** NEW **
    - Friend Visible ** NEW **
    - Friend Nonvivisible ** NEW **
    - Revenge Target ** NEW **
    - Aimbot Target ** NEW **
    - Values are from 0 - 1, 0 no color, 1 being full color

    - Movable UI elements with mouse ( Insert key :: ONLY WORKS IN-GAME :: Does not mean there is a menu )
    - Optimized to only use one loop in the frame function
    - Color scheme themes ( Light Blue, Easy Red, Classic RageHack )
    - Safe mode key ( F9 key, Panic mode :: Disables all hack features until re-enabled )
    - Saving/Loading ( Home key to save, End key to load, usable in menu and in-game )
    - There is no menu YET.

    // ===========================================

    Q: The hack crashes the game when I load the map or doesn't load at all.
    A: Download the following: 
       = Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - DirectX End-User Runtime
       = Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86)
       = Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)
       If you're running a 64Bit system, download and run this as well:
       = Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64)
    Q: There's an error that comes up saying MSVCP90.dll is missing! What should I do?
    A: This problem pertains to the question above, please download the links there, and try again. If not, google the dll name
    and download it from a trusted DLL download source.
    Q: Are you going to add any new features?
    A: Yes, and I will be adding ones I come up with and remember, and also SENSIBLE ones people ask for on the site.
    Q: My hack keeps crashing. What should I do?
    A: Run DepCheck.exe ( credits to learn_more and see if there is anything that you are missing that the hack depends 
    on. Try installing or downloading what it says you should, and try again. )
    Q: My virus scanner tells me RageHack.exe is a virus!! Is this true you dirty swine?
    A: No it isn't. The injector uses code that most viruses do, and virus scanners detect that code as the whole 
    program is a virus. This is referred to as a "false positive." Remember, I didn't get semi-coder and moderator status by
    releasing trojans and viruses.
    Q: All I see is the banner on the top of my screen. What's wrong?
    A: You didn't enable any features. Close the game, and open the file in the Configs folder with notepad or some othertext reader. 
    Go through the options and change them how you want. It's not hard at all.
    Q: I want to make a video of the hack. Is that okay?
    A: That's completely fine. I might also post it on the release page, so go all out if you want.
    Q: What's the UI key?
    A: Insert. It has been said multiple times.
    Q: Can I beta test for you?
    A: No.
    Q: Can I have your xfire?
    A: No.
    Q: MSN?
    A: No.
    Q: Plz?
    A: No.
    Additionally, please do NOT PM me here, or any other site, asking for support or help to use the hack or use certain features.
    The release thread is here for that, and I ask you PLEASE use it as such. My inbox will be filled with requests or help to <insert help to a feature here>.
    This is what the thread is meant for, not my private message box.

    Also, if you don't see a feature listed above, that must obviously mean it does NOT exist in/on the hack and will not be confirmed by me or any
    of my associates, being beta testers, friends, or any other immediate contacts of my own. More importantly, stop asking what the menu key is.
    There is no menu as of right now, but it will be back. Thank you.

    // ===========================================


    [OLD][HOW-TO] Setup and Run by mozar7

    // ===========================================

    - Shard
    - t00ny
    - King-Orgy
    - Reaction / Maniac-Hotshot
    - DeadZone
    - jmpnop
    - Crx
    - x22
    - RaiZo
    - raiders
    - siLenCer
    - CyberDwak
    - Elvis / Boris
    - Encore
    - Kaeboemski
    - Crazyninja
    - UC
    - GD
    - Any others I forgot, let me know!

    // ===========================================


    • Detected
    • Dirty Screenshots
    • No protection at all
    • Do not go in PB servers with this

    // ===========================================


    // ===========================================

    Please provide any feedback you have of this newly produced hack. It was re-written from basically scratch
    and I tried to optimize it as much as possible. It runs smooth as hell on my system, which is piece of crap,
    and I hope it runs faster on your machine. Again, please let me know what you think, and if you have any
    suggestions that you think are worth mentioning or bug reports, please I encourage you to post them!!
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Re: [Release] CoD4 RageHack

    Nice work

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    Re: [Release] CoD4 RageHack

    UNDECTED? pb cleaner?

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    Re: [Release] CoD4 RageHack

    Quote Originally Posted by xDw View Post
    UNDECTED? pb cleaner?
    *sigh* Didn't think I'd have to specify but apparently so

    Edited main post.

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    Re: [Release] CoD4 RageHack

    GJ. Its a small step for you, but a huge step for CoD4 cheaters
    Cheaters always win!

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    Re: [Release] CoD4 RageHack

    Awesome Thanks Man

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    Re: [Release] CoD4 RageHack

    thanks for the release

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    Re: [Release] CoD4 RageHack

    I usually just go around downloading stuff and not posting, but this is post worthy the aimbot is amazingly fast and accurate... but one problem the auto sight doesn't work.

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    Re: [Release] CoD4 RageHack

    thanks good hack but the norecoil don't work for me

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    Re: [Release] CoD4 RageHack

    Good work , it's a very good hack :P

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