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    [32-bit]Quake Live Triggerbot

    A triggerbot only for version as the offsets are hard coded for it. Currently the toggle button is the right mouse button but can be easily changed before compiling.

    Make sure the option 'target names' is enabled in the menu options as shown in the attached picture or else the trigger bot will not work. This is required due to optimizations done in the linux client.

    It also appears that id software is implementing their own code obfuscation. Take a look at CG_Init on the 32-bit linux client if you don't believe me.

    type 'make'
    if any errors are encountered install missing packages
    modify qlh script to point to the shared library
    run qlh script

    nixCoders and Bubble

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    Re: [32-bit]Quake Live Triggerbot

    can u post the 32 bit linux client?
    (or a dump from init)
    u made me curious ^^
    - "Double the gun, double the fun!"

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    Re: [32-bit]Quake Live Triggerbot

    After some further research IDA doesn't show CG_Init correctly but objdump does but whatever lol
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    Re: [32-bit]Quake Live Triggerbot

    yeah good to see! Working nice for me! Hope you make more for this Game

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    Re: [32-bit]Quake Live Triggerbot

    im new hwew oa hoq to install that crap?
    what i need to do????
    that your makle donest help...

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    Re: [32-bit]Quake Live Triggerbot

    Hello, maybe you can help me.

    I installed it, installing was fine, changed the path and try to execute ./qlh. It gets me this message:

    myname@ubuntu:~/trigger/qlTriggerBot$ ./qlh

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    Re: [32-bit]Quake Live Triggerbot

    I am going to guess the error is due to the offsets have changed, idk if I will have time to update them at all. If you are in serious need of something try the openGL hack that is stickied in this forum.

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