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    [RELEASE] StiWoW Undetected Multi Hack[Free]

    StiWoW - The revolution of World of Warcraft hacking!

    StiWoW is a small simple program which uses C++ injection methods which manipulates the WoW game client. StiWow enables the user to gain advantages over others in game.

    StiWoW can:
    -Modify your speed (up to 2000%)

    ***How to use***
    1) Firstly, load up World of Warcraft and make sure you are logged into a character.
    2) Run StiWoW (Download it here: ***removed***) StiWoW should automaticly inject into the process and should be working. All you need to do now is select the options you want to load!

    This program will remain free however you can donate if you wish. Please contact me for information on how to donate.

    Download Removed


    Q) Is it safe?
    A) It’s a hard question. This can never be 'safe' With all programs (such as bots, hacks etc) carry a risk. If you don't want to get banned, don't use it.

    Q) Will Warden catch me?
    A) At this point in time, no. This program is very new and it won’t be detected for at least a few months.
    If we see any signs of detection we will immediately shut down all copies of the program using a advanced tripwire system.

    Q) How does it work?
    A) StiWoW manipulates the game client. Doing so can give you client based advantages. These are things such as; speed, flying etc. Do not be fooled by tools such as 'Gold Generators' as they are fake because those values are kept in a huge database. This program uses C++ injection methods to manipulate the game client. Whilst injection methods may be easier for Blizzard to detect, StiWoW will be safe for many months to come.

    Q) The speed hack crashes when I go into water!
    A) Try to avoid water when using this hack. Water and land have different speed values. A sudden change will confuse the hack, causing it to error.

    Q) It won’t load!
    A) There may be many reasons why the hack won’t load. The common problems can be fixed by:
    Running it as admin and make sure that WoW is running when you load it.

    Q) WoW closes when I open the hack and I get an error...
    A) Reload the hack as a admin. It crashes when it do not have enough permission to inject the World of Warcraft process. If this fails, turn off your firewall or make a safe rule for this hack as it may be blocking it.

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    Re: [RELEASE] StiWoW Undetected Multi Hack[Free]

    Brave you didn't remove the other link for it too. :P
    /removed it
    Live your dreams, don't dream your life.

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