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    Pawn coder needed.

    Hi everyone.

    Certainly, the headadmin of our community at cs 1.6 doesn't care anymore about the community and doesn't code anything anymore or get updates. Now my question is, if there are some pawn coders who can code some nice plugins for cs 1.6 to keep our servers up-to-date, because there are always leaving more and more players. I know putting outside links isn't allowed, but if you want some information about what plugins we need, you can always visit mY.RuN Gaming Community . I hope there is someone who can help us and can do this to keep our community alive. The community is dying thanks of the offdate.

    Already thanks
    best regards,
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    Re: Pawn coder needed.

    Pawn isnt a language for making plugins.

    Amx-source is modified pawn language which is used for making plugins for cs 1.6

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