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    Smile [RELEASE] ETH 1.4 archit3ct BETA3

    Yo dudes,

    I can't spend as much time as before on ETH code, so I release here my latest work on it (that I did a time ago, but didn't released). This is the third beta version of my ETH mod, and I think you'll have to consider that's my final and last version of it.

    I really hope you'll like it. I'm glad to have been part of the *nix ETH community, and fully hope that my modest contribution will satisfy you. Have fun !

    What's new ?

    ETH 1.4 classic + beta 1 + beta 2 features
    code cleaned, 0 compilation warning
    some new things on Makefile (to compile, just type "make re"; automatically compile in RELEASE mode else if you specify DEBUG=1, copy the .so and .pk3 when the compile is over, compile ghf, etc ...)
    new menu colors
    human aim with riflenade bug resolved
    reorganized radars code
    new radars
    enemy spawn timer place adjustement. (+auto-position it with ref counter)
    radar fixing position
    some changes on HUD style
    background menu color
    new menu color system
    new menu styles
    separated "rifle cam" and "rifle line", not forced to use both at time anymore
    some minor changes on cams
    wonderful world ... !
    some other random shit I haven't log (menu is now on F11)

    mirror 1 : (source)

    Your dear architect.

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    Re: [RELEASE] ETH 1.4 archit3ct BETA3

    Just one thing, the archive format is tar not tar.gz

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