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    I've been trying to decompile qagame.qvm but my QMVKanker crashes each time I load it, I have no problems disassembling ui.qvm or cgame.qvm, and yes this is for Urban Terror.

    Does anyone know how to work with any other qvm decompilers? I use Windows and Linux.


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    Re: qagame.qvm

    Bump :/

    Is there really no one that wants to help me?

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    Re: qagame.qvm

    not sure how we should help your
    since it sounds like QMVKanker has the problem

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    Re: qagame.qvm

    Yes, all the decompilers that I can find seem to be outdated, so what I'm gonna try next is dualboot on Windows XP and try all the tools on that, hopefully something will work.



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