hi all happy ppl on aimbots.net =D
i have a nice program for all of you who wants to by-pass blocked websites and servers or simply surf annonysly ( sorry for bad english ) whell anyway, the program is 100% virus free, half of my class uses it without any problems. but the first time you use it the connection to the VPN service will be a little slow so be patient
things that the program works on: world of warcraft. Steam, cracked conter-strike, lots of games ( league of legends doesnt work )
im using this in school on my laptop and i have no problems with it, but my friend ( who goes another shool and has a werry bad laptop) got a blue screen but if you unfortunetly get a blue screen youst dont install it xD
the program im talking about is -> * hotspotshield* its tottaly free but you can pay for it..
* free users get:
unlimited connection time
have to annoying pop-ups
internet explorer might start and then *stop working* for a fue minutes but just close it after
* premium users get:
faster connection time
no ads

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