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    Never ever buy x22

    Buyed xRadar for CS:S yesterday (13.03:2012). Got Vac banned today (wtf that went fast!).
    I renamed the xClient. xClient is NOT in the game direcotry. I NEVER used any other cheats on this Account (since it was my main).


    Go for organner or maybe something else I don't know and is not that popular. Iniuria I don't know, but for my friend it seems to work well (and hes not banned, yet at least).

    EDIT: okay there's alot speaking against me. people call me stupid troll etc. but hey let me get this straight.

    so yeah, people call me stupid because vac bans usually after 1-2 week and x22 has that super-duper update-dedection tool, so you can't get vacced at all.

    well, people are dumb enough to belive this shit even if they have no proof for it (everyone's saying that, gotta be true, right).

    Fact is, I did as far as I know everything correctly. I turend of DEP/UAC, ran x22 as admin and renamed the client. The client is not in my game direcotry. It's the only cheat I've ever used on this Account (main).

    So it's up to you if you listen to my advice or not.

    Oh and btw. as far as I can tell by the shoutbox, the x22 community is out of their mind.
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    Re: Never ever buy x22

    Euh I've been member there since early 2009 and have only been vac'd once in 2010 I thought... Bought an new css account in February 2011 and haven't banned up till now with it... still using it daily.
    You have to be doing something wrong if you actually end up being banned after 1 day... vac bans usually take up to 2 to 3 days (since mw2 came out it's been this way) even longer in some cases...
    I'm sure you used public hacks before yesterday... (vac bans in delay).

    Anyway never used Organner so dunno about their security, but I'm a rage hacker so I don't need organner legit shit :d
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    Re: Never ever buy x22

    I have xInstantHook v3.0 and got banned within the past few days. (I wasn't on my PC) I got it a week ago.

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    Re: Never ever buy x22

    Hacking is a risk, you can get a ban with every hack..
    X22 has nice features and I never had lags with this Hack.


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