There is this older game that is now becoming much much more popular, it is called Realm Of The Mad God, at Realm of the Mad God, and i have been playing it and one of the most annoying things is that i miss a terrible amount. It is a 2D top down game. And you left click to shoot and it follows the mouse cursor, i tried to make a color aim bot which is pretty much the best i can do and the problem with that is that there are so many of the same colors it doesn't work well enough at all. Most of all the hex and everything is like able to be cheat engine like the stats and everything like that. I feel like it will be a simpler aim bot to create, not saying that it would be like easy but i dont think that it will be super crazy hard. Even if it becomes a color aimbot just like try and make it target a group of colors for the gods like medusa and such, the gods that would drop the best loot. It would be very helpful, it would be greatly appreciated if someone who is good at aimbotting and has time if they would look at it, if it is to hard or you dont have any time that is cool but there would be many who would enjoy a hack like that.

Email me at if you get anything good going
Thank you for taking the time.