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    Question Hacking Alterrev M2 problem

    Hey, i used to hack Alterrev m2 without issues, then the server went down for a week.
    The alterrev site said following:
    The server will be down until next monday, due to a major security risk just spotted.

    Now, as it is back up, winject gives this error while injecting:
    Both injection-methods failed !
    ( RemoteLoadLibrary and DetourInjecting )
    File.dll -> iw4m.dat
    Target is protected? err:0

    Help please? Is there any way to get around this? I know other people hack still...
    Have been playing a bit without WH recently, and there are SO many people hacking!

    Please respond! Thanks

    No one WANTS to awnser? No one BOTHERS? or no one knows the awnser? Please help!
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    Re: Hacking Alterrev M2 problem

    The hack probably needs updating.
    Live your dreams, don't dream your life.

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    Re: Hacking Alterrev M2 problem

    Figured it out! Updated my directx, deleted winject, and used a program called InjectorGadget instead!

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