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    Nobody Selling QuakeLive aimbot/hack subscriptions Anymore?

    Hey guys. It seems to me that no vendor is selling QL aimbot/hacks anymore!
    I have checked all the usual vendors and even some new ones and NOTHING!
    Some have recently quit selling and say they are unsupported anymore and another vendor's hack has been in recoding status for months.
    Whats going on here? I suspect QuakeLive/ID have a new in-house aimbot/hack protection that the cheat community coders can't get past.When I question them on this they claim that QuakeLive was losing popularity kinda like QuakeDead and there is no demand for a cheat anymore. Is this true?
    Does anybody know where I can purchase a QL hack aimbot? Any vendor still selling?

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    Re: Nobody Selling QuakeLive aimbot/hack subscriptions Anymore?

    As far as I know, no real coder sells a hack for Quakelive.
    We, here and at whiteLight, have been offering a free hack for over 1.5 years. We kept supporting this project for so long and we pretty much defeated any other hack out there in both quality and strength.
    I have been contacted several times by vendors if I knew what was going on, by my own investigation and also by other people who wrote me with info's.

    The main reason we did not update this project is the lack of free time doing it, we wrote some code and it simply wasn't enough as we noticed something over our heads we did not count in. This is where our motivation stopped.
    Another though process is the fact they take pretty much info's from your computer to identify you. If you're identified as a cheater, it's a certain process to get yourself playing again.
    And as last, I'll probably be the first one to say this, but they did a decent job on that anticheat. Especially if you noticed that some, who are actually getting paid, do not feel like updating their hacks. If it's due to the lack of knowledge, it's up to them. All I know is that I pretty much destroyed the QL scene for that long and I don't feel bad at all that we're stuck providing a not up-to-date version.

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    Re: Nobody Selling QuakeLive aimbot/hack subscriptions Anymore?

    Well mowl thank you very much for that update on the current QL cheat community scene. Guess I will have to end my search for an undetected QL aimbot/hack. I did hear rumours of an anti cheat detection program that they developed in-house and utilize now,that can track your PC,etc.
    In any case, if you could go commercial with an updated Whitelight cheat package you'd have no competition as far as QL cheats are concerned. I can only wish though hehe.
    Thanks and regards.

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