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    Well guys major update, brand new website if you wish to support me please take your time to look at Undetected Cheats its my first ever website I created by myself. So yeah any bugs issues please let me know. Anyway same hack with a big big update. You now have access to one of the deadliest human aims out there, With random aim you will now have set your human aim speed and it will randomly change between specific values so if you set 0.03 it will do any value under that every loop so it looks so legit.

    sbot-cod4 The ultimate tool for league play with clean punkbuster screenshots.

    Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Multihack

    - Version: v1.7

    - Works with and without steam

    - Release Date: Available

    - Auto Aim

    - Auto Fire

    - Humanized Aim

    - Randomized Aim

    - Customizable Aim Angle

    - No recoil On rage only aim

    - Bone Aim (Head, Body, Arm, Leg )

    - Switch anything with the clickable GUI

    - Customize human speed to match your skill

    - Wallhack

    - Bone ESP

    - Name ESP

    - Bounding boxes

    - Current Ping

    - Show your rank

    - Headshot ratio

    - Show your rank

    - Current Weapon

    - Customize anything

    - Movable Health Bar

    - Player radar(2D / 3D)

    - Show your authed name

    - Show your current rank

    - Current/max killing spree

    - Show your Kill/Death ratio

    - Turn any feature on and off

    - Visibility checks ( For all visuals )

    - Open/Close menu

    - Clickable menu

    - Move on the fly

    - Engine based menu

    - open/close category

    - Toggle any features

    - All the above apply to menu, radar and stats bar

    Developer: spheX
    5 USD one month,
    10 USD 3 months
    19 USD 6 months
    28 USD 1 year

    Contact: PM me Here or at

    For more details please click here at official cod4 page

    #Credits mOwl
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    Re: sBot-COD4

    Delete me
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    Re: sBot-COD4

    Update to main thread, had to edit a lot, hacks updated with new features and a complete new website check out Undetected Cheats - Welcome to udcheats

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