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    Question Mods n Hacks

    I've been modding publicly with the MW2Liberation from the sticky ''How to host a modded lobby'' for almost a year now and I haven't been banned yet. If I were to use some kind of hack such as ESP/Aimbot with this same Liberation, would I get banned? It's really tempting to try out a real hack, but not at the cost of being banned. Please only answer if you know for sure. Don't tell me ''It could..." or anything. Thanks.

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    Re: Mods n Hacks

    MW2_Liberation works now? wtf have I been doing??? And for all I know, all of the aimbots that have been released for real MW2 are detected, maybe look it up in MPGH or unknowncheats, I've seen some there but have never tried them (since im banned from mw2) I hope you find what you're looking for!

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