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    Game Programmer to Hack Programmer?

    So I see a lot of stickies and read a few things explaining beginners that really want to code should learn C, so on, so forth.
    Well I've almost completed my course on Game Programming, I can code fluently in C/C++/C#, my question now is, where should I start? As I already know how to code and I have all this background knowledge of how games work (I do code them after all, in the process of creating my own framework).
    I have little knowledge in coding hacks (Wrote a read/write hack for calc...)

    Should I just go nuts in the tutorial section, is there anything specific I should focus on first?


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    Re: Game Programmer to Hack Programmer?

    Start learning about the assembly language, then some about reverse engineering programs and such. That will give you a big edge on creating new features and editing existing ones to be better, since you need to get the game's information without an SDK most of the time. After that, just look around at other's work and go from there. You'll eventually understand what you're getting into, but don't expect for it to click right away. Just keep pushing towards it and keep your mind free to possibilities.

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