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    NemexisOps WM Hack

    DLL hacks:

    Crosshair: Colors(red, green, blue and yellow)
    Boxes: 2D, Bones
    Aimbot: Aimbone(center, chest, head) , Bones , Auto-Aim , Auto-Shoot , silent-aim
    Radar: Zoom(1, 2, 3)
    Recoil: No-Recoil, No-Spread(not working)
    Knife: Auto-Knife, Toma-Thrower

    How to install:
    - Extract the files from the rar to your nemexisOps installation folder

    How to get account ID's:
    - Run NemexisOps and go to [Friends]->[Recent Players]
    - Run 'NemexisOps WM Hack.Release.exe', press 1 (Get Account ID's), press enter
    - Open 'NemexisOps WM.ini' with an text editor
    - write the name(s) and id(s) of the account(s) you would like to use in the 'NemexisOps WM.ini'
    - Save 'NemexisOps WM.ini'

    How to use someones account:
    - Close NemexisOps if it's running
    - Run 'NemexisOps WM Hack.Release.exe'
    - press 2 (Read ini) to view the names and IDs you saved in 'NemexisOps WM.ini'
    - press 1 (Hijack Account), type the account-id, press enter, and type the name (this doesn't need to be the name of the account you are hacking) you want to use, and press enter
    - press 1 if you want to inject the dll-hack after hijacking the account or 2 if you only want to hijack an account
    - if you chose 1 in the previous step: you will have to switch back to 'NemexisOps WM Hack.Release.exe' and press enter.

    How to inject the hack without hijacking someone's account:
    - Close NemexisOps if it's running
    - Run 'NemexisOps WM Hack.Release.exe'
    - Press 3 (Inject Hack), NemexisOps will start running now
    - When NemexisOps is fully loaded (in main-menu), switch back to 'NemexisOps WM Hack.Release.exe' (Alt+Tab), and press enter


    Virusscans: (Kazy false-positives)
    NemexisOps WM R v_1_1.rar - Jotti's malware scan

    Sph4ck - structs
    King-Orgy - some structs + engine functions
    CypherPresents - main engine function + patterns
    x22 - usercmd struct
    rawrimatiger - silent-aim
    newtechnology - silent-aim
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    Re: NemexisOps WM Hack

    /attachment approved

    thanks for the release

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    Re: NemexisOps WM Hack

    Works very well thanks for this awesome release

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    Re: NemexisOps WM Hack

    Thanks, will check after the servers are back online.

    EDIT: I can't get it to work.. Any help maybe?
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