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    Informational: RECoH (Company of Heroes MOD)

    Destiny of CoH Maphack
    Many people are asking why the development for CoH maphacks is stopped. The reasons for this are trifold:

    1. Change of climate:
    Back when creating the original maphack, others hacks already existed. KJs maphack in particular:
    COH 2.601 Maphack now FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which at the time was only available for (paid) customers.
    No (known) hacks exist for 2.700 or CoH2, and there are no needs nor is anything gained by introducing one.

    2. Change of interest:
    After the initial phase of designing and creating a maphack, all that rests is maintenance. This is in no way a challenging task.
    I have no more motivation for this anymore.

    3. Change of philosophy:
    Back to KJs maphack; this was not considered a problem as only a few people got hold of it. By making a public maphack,
    the idea was to make it a big enough problem such that countermeasures would be taken.
    The RECoH MOD has these built in, alongside other improvements.

    So what is RECoH?
    The RECoH Mod builds upon Company of Heroes, the highest rated Strategy game since its release in 2006 (GameRatings).
    By expanding upon proven technology, low system requirements are imposed (Pentium 4 or Athlon 64, 768MB RAM suffice).
    By leaving out all the unnecessary components we have managed to reduce the total game weight to approx. 1.5GB.
    This is especially important for those with a slow internet connection.
    We hope these changes will make the game accessible for a very broad audience.

    RECoH will be continuously developed, hoping to minimize imbalances even further with a strong emphasis on anti-cheat,
    to create a climate suitable for competitive gaming. As the mod is community driven it will be possible to integrate
    third-party created content (e.g. from other mods).

    What still needs to be done?
    Note, this chapter is in the context of the first (alpha) release only. RECoH will be continuously developed.

    To ensure proper Quality of Service (QoS) a dedicated server has been rent for this purpose. While this is being setup,
    the following activities are going to take place:

    1. Menu fixing
    A. MP -> Skirmish and MP -> Main Page
    B. Credits Page

    2. Reduce size of MOD even further (270MB +- should be possible)
    13/8: Removed extraneous sounds (-170MB)
    16/8: Removed some more (extracted game: 1.48GB, compressed 1.3GB)
    17/8: Finished automated dependancy resolved. But its extremely slow (I/O of HDD gets saturated), might take a while...
    26/8: MOD size finalized: 1.39GB uncompressed, 1.29GB compressed

    3. Fix some texture/thumbnail problems (2, see "Skirmish" screenshot below)
    17/8: Fixed!

    4. Login to server (server side is done, client side needs testing)

    5. Updater

    6. Client <-> Server communication

    (7. Website)

    Some photos of progress made so far:

    I promised a small game; it totals 1.87GB. This is without the reduction of 270MB as described by 2.

    Compressing everything yields 1.57GB, again without the predicted reduction of 270MB in original files.

    Loading screen

    Main menu



    Gameplay (skirmish/multiplayer) has been unchanged.
    I'll keep this thread up to date.
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    Re: Informational: RECoH (Company of Heroes MOD)

    realise date?
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    Re: Informational: RECoH (Company of Heroes MOD)

    do you work on this for now?

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