I been looking for 6 months and I am finally getting a little pissed. I came close 2 times but... (Some Little A-hole put a Robots.txt on their site!) being anymore angry will not help me find this. I think I almost found it HERE at this site. (It was between the CLOSED period of 2006- and 2008) So the links are no longer cached. So i'm willing to pay $20 paypal or whatever or phone card for getting me this file.Something on ebay or amazon.com - whatever. This way I can move on with my life for my next file I am looking for.

Information You'll need: MechBot for Quake 2 3.20 File Name: MechBot.zip The Credit went to" Mechanic Man
It may be deemed a Cheat Bot to some. I want this for historical and my server use.

The last pages it was on: http://members.tripod.com/~maphacker/
FortuneCity 404 File Not Found (Of COURSE the Fawking Caches are DEAD!!!)

Well, I thank you and hope to hear soon.!