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    Exclamation This is the price to pay ?

    Hi all . . .

    I apologize if my second post seems stupid. For this I will accept all your insults...

    But if it was not completely stupid, please, please explain to me why Virus Total shows that Cross_Urth is infected by as many as 36 engines on 44 ...

    Perhaps this is the price to pay to play at least once a pair??

    Maybe there's something I do not know or that I've missed?

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    Re: This is the price to pay ?

    Read this thread in regards to any hacks from
    Live your dreams, don't dream your life.

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    Re: This is the price to pay ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Untouch View Post
    Read this thread in regards to any hacks from
    i'm sorry... but I'm clueless. An clueless is: "he who does not know".

    For this reason and to avoid "surprises", to any files that do not know, I give a VirusTotal shot.

    As perhaps you've seen the analysis is not reassuring, especially for "those who can not."

    I do not want to offend anyone. If you think so, believe me was not my intention ... I just want to understand and know, if possible. All here...

    If you can explain to me, I thank you also on behalf of other people who would like an explanation ...

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    Re: This is the price to pay ?

    How a hack works, is very simular to how a virus work.
    If you look at all "trojans" it find by virus total, all are "generic" trojan, not specific.
    For example, take!rts
    "The generic nature of this detection means that the malicious behaviors vary from one detection to the next."

    So why it shows as "generic" ? From link of Untouch:
    "[..] are detected because of memory writing. Virusses mostly edit the underlaying memory, and your virusscanner will check it and probably give you a detection message due to the pattern matching." To work a "hack" has to write to memory too.

    Also, the source-code of this hack is released under GPL. Means everyone can read exactly what the hack is doing. If it was doing bad stuff people would have noticed.

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