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    Anyone know what happened to !K-0t1c! ? Miss his codenz

    Just wondering if anyone knows or knows what happened to !K-0t1c!

    He had the absolute best humanized aimbot for QL I'd ever used or seen. I'm just wondering what had happened to him or if anyone has a comparable product in existence? Looking to get back in to gaming with some fun code like this to play with. Got dollars to spend.


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    Re: Anyone know what happened to !K-0t1c! ? Miss his codenz

    his ok, just occupied by other stuff

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    Re: Anyone know what happened to !K-0t1c! ? Miss his codenz

    Used to be a customer, were only a hand full of customers there at the time.
    Also support was to the maximum. Everyone had his own client and code.
    Kinda sad he suddenly was gone... It was the best hack I ever used.
    Customization for every gun also trajectory esp for rockets... man I had a blast.
    I'm still good at the game, but don't wanna risk using some public coded hack and get my pro account banned.
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    Re: Anyone know what happened to !K-0t1c! ? Miss his codenz

    exist a safe version of quake live aimbot?

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