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    Rabbnix reopening

    Hi, during my vacation I managed to find the time to put Rabbnix back online.
    As I don't have a vBulletin licence, I converted the forum to phpBB, and tried to make it looks like the old Rabbnix forum for the happiness of nostalgic people like me
    The website is now here:
    They are some nice tutorials like how to run 32 bits ETH / ETH32nix on linux 64 bits.
    Hope some people are still interested.
    Anyway, I will keep it online, because it reminds me some nice memories
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    Re: Rabbnix reopening

    Welcome back rabbnix* !!!
    FREE is BETTER & italians do it BETTER !

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    Re: Rabbnix reopening

    Awe. Can we at least get an irc channel?

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    Re: Rabbnix reopening

    Hey there. Im not sure, but did we play a lot of years ago a lot on Elites (Elite from Hungary) Server? Are you Rabbit from Finland? If not, forget my lines


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