Hi there.

I'm willing to pay $100 to the person who make an aimbot for Zandronum (preferably with smooth settings), and send me the binary and the source via PM.

¿How can I pay you for it?

- Easy.

I can pay you through a payment processor like Paypal or Neteller. I also can send you the money through my Bitcoin wallet, directly to yours.

¿How we can do this? ¿I have to send the hack first?

- No. The only thing you need to do first is send me some images of the hack working (I repeat: via PM), and also a screenshot of the source code (if you could send me a little video showing it would be excellent) and OFC you need to give me the account email/direction I'll send the money to.

Then when I see the images, I'll send you the firsts $30. Then you should send me either the binary or the source. Subsequently I send the $70 remaining and finally you send me the missing source/binary.

* Please be serious with this. Don't try to fool me in any way. I can distinguish between an original image and a googled one. Take note that I want an aimbot, not a wallhack nor any other kind of hack).

*Do not leave a comment here. Contact me via PM instead.