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    UrT 4.2 Server Side modding ?

    Hey all !

    I want to mod my server but I don't know how to.

    Some say that if you want to do a very great mod, you must modify binary files. ANd it'll be hard because you must in first understand the code, or learn C language if you don't know it (like meeeee :P) and it can take several months !
    Some say that we can decompile qvm files, edit them, compile them and replace them.
    Some say that we can modify relations between engine and qvm (if i understood) with a hook or a thing like this, i didn't understand, can you explain me ?
    Some say that you must have utx_config by example with server.cfg modifications and zpak modifications, but i searched into zpak (for weapon damage by example), i didn't find cool things. Only sound changing and skin changing for weapons or players by example.

    What can I do to have stamina unlimited, unlimited clips and bullets, one shot SR8 by example, color names, and other things like this ? I think that's simple things that i can do in some minutes, but i need a code master to give me some advices on where to search/what to modify !

    I have questions about b3 modding too, how do you add new commands, i tried to understand a bit py language into b3 files, but if someone can help me to understand better, it would be awesome !

    Thanks a lot !

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    Re: UrT 4.2 Server Side modding ?

    Hey there.

    Simple mod ->

    PowerFul Mod -> GAD mod, the website is down now lol. try to search it on cache.


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