This tool will unlock all DLC maps for you, but you need

- DLC map files (if you want only non map related DLCs, this is not needed)
- language pack that matches to your game language (eng is included in basic pack, does not matter if you want only personalization stuff)
- this tool
- brain (not zombies stuff), IQ atleast 50
This tool currently unlocks only Atlas Gorge map, Havoc DLC maps, Ascendance DLC maps and Supremacy DLC maps (MP+zombies)! It may unlock some bonus weapons if it is used on very first start of game!

Zombie mode works fine!
Downloading DLC files through this tool does not work!!!!

Warning! If you come from previous version, unpatch first with v0.99, 1.0 or 2.0! Then use version 3.0 or later! If you have any errors, use option "Force remove" and then Verify steam game cache
- Install - unlock everything (auto mode)
1. Download this tool - if you don't want DLC map files, go to step 3
2. Download DLC map files (and language pack if needed) and extract and overwrite existing files if any in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare root folder
3. Turn off antivirus
4. Run ExoUnlocker.exe (from anywhere)
5. Press requested number and press enter - now do what tool says
6. When tool is done&closed, start game from Steam
7. Click OK on credits message, close tool and play.
8. ENJOY!!!

- Uninstall
1. Run ExoUnlocker.exe
2. Press unpatch key
3. Wait. When ExoUnlocker is done&closed, delete tool and all DLC files (you can then verify game cache integrity)
4. Done

voksi, REVOLT - Steam Wrapper - BIG BIG BIG THANKS