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    Re: [Release] Nexus Annihilation

    Stopped works for me

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    Re: [Release] Nexus Annihilation

    Because there is an update available, you need to download the latest build (same link).
    By the way, new releases have alerts when an update is available.

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    New features

    A lot of new builds has been out, here is the cumulated changelog:

    • Arty ESP with countdown added
    • Mortars ESP with countdown + trajectories added
    • Auth system improved: error handling, check for update
    • No need to copy pk3 to etmain anymore (safer and more user friendly)
    • NoQuarter 1.2.3 support
    • NQ 1.2.7 support
    • Nitmod 2.3 support
    • Black Screenshot for Nitmod
    • Screenshot blocker for SilEnt mod
    • SilEnt mod scoped sniper black bars removal
    • cg_ident & sil_guid spoofing
    • cvar hack now punkbuster proof
    • Tree / Leaves removal
    • Target lock
    • Target projection
    • Legacy mod 2.75 support
    • Thirdperson weapons chams
    • Pickups (ammo, medpack, weapons) chams
    • No visuals in Limbo
    • Hide helmets
    • Hide head hud
    • ETPro NoRecoil
    • HP & Damage Arrow indicator

    • Dead players cham & esp
    • Better target lock algorithm (no more snapping). When you press the aimbot key, it will select a target that will be locked until you release the aimbot key (even if the target dies)
    • /nex_spray command

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    Re: New features

    it says nexus annihilation could not be injected
    Last edited by TheMiksu15; April 1st, 2017 at 20:33.

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    Re: New features

    You need to run Nexus as administrator
    Last edited by Killingman53; April 9th, 2017 at 13:40.

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    Re: New features

    It's now compatible with CGAC, and I also added new commands to it:
    • /nex_nameCR Rename to carriage return non printable characters (makes frags line bug)
    • /nex_nameNL Rename to new line non printable characters (also makes frags line bug)
    • /nex_nameEmptyENQ / FF / SO / Space Rename to Enquiry / New page Form Feed / Shift Out / Space non printable characters (empty name)

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    Re: New features

    25 EURO for a game with 4 active servers lol dude ... rlly ? I would love to donate but not 25 euros xD for ET cmon

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    Re: New features

    Quote Originally Posted by Vovo47 View Post
    25 EURO for a game with 4 active servers lol dude ... rlly ? I would love to donate but not 25 euros xD for ET cmon
    Now 35€... Why? only 1 min for testing time is not good.

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    Re: New features

    The site has always been for free hacks, apart from the few trusted vendors back in the day, so thread closed.

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