Hi guys,

This cheat is called ExtraReality and was made by unsafe (from UC). It's one of the only cheats currently working on this shitty bf2 mod and probably it's still gonna work on PR:WW2.


  • 2D Boxes
  • Nametags
  • Distance
  • Healthbar
  • Vehicle ESP
  • Entity visiblity checks (green/red)

It's currently undetected by PR's anticheat so have fun using it before they blacklist the .exe file signature



1) Start Project Reality normally
2) Start the cheat when you are in-game or in the main menu
3) The cheat window will close itself and you should see a watermark ("ExtraReality") in the upper-left corner.

I also encourage you to read the READ_ME.txt file which contains important information.

Download links :
(I have the original author's permission to share it)