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    Etkeys And Reinstalling

    ET is a game prone to stuff ups and its almost a certainty that eventually u will have to reinstall it. The biggest problem and annoyance in doing this is losing your etkey, which is basically a fingerprint which holds all your levels and xp. several people have asked me for help in keeping their etkey in a reinstall, and i though i would post it here for some guidance. SO.....
    Follow these steps:

    1. Ur et gets screwed one way or another, so, u go to wherever ur et is installed (usually c:\program files\ wolfenstein ET) and go to a folder called "ETmain". in this there should be a cfg file called 'etkey'.

    2. copy this to a safe place, one u can find!

    3. Delete all your et folder and uninstall.

    4. install a fresh ET.

    5. run et, make a new profile,call it anything
    you want. Now go to a pb (punkbuster) enabled server, and type this in the console
    It should say something like this
    Punkbuster GUID register successful (along these lines)

    6. Quit et

    7. there should now be a new etkey in ur etmain folder.

    8. find ur old etkey, copy it, then click paste in 'etmain' folder

    9. it should say "Do you want to replace "ETkey" with this one "Etkey"

    10. click yes.

    11. now run et again, go to a server, and you are yourself again, all xp and levels prior to install are still there, with a fresh new ET.

    Any questions or help, post here, most of our staff will be glad to help you.


    ~ Google_Neo

    ETKEY =

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    Exclamation Re: Etkeys And Reinstalling

    ANNOTHER GOOD POINT , just to back you up johnny is to MAKE SURE THE COPY IS ACTUALLY A COPY AND NOT JUST A SHORTCUT (many people have claimed to lose their etkey, but its usually just because they only made a shortcut the the afterwards deleted file).

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    Re: Etkeys And Reinstalling

    johhnyD u made a mistake etkey aint a cfg file its some other format

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    Re: Etkeys And Reinstalling

    Gooooood! Really helpful!
    I have always had problem with this...

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    Re: Etkeys And Reinstalling

    yeah nice post.

    thanks for it

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    Re: Etkeys And Reinstalling

    Currently working on a RPG. -RPG Develop BLOG

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    Re: Etkeys And Reinstalling

    uhm what about reinstalling
    without deleting et folder?
    (works for me)

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    Re: Etkeys And Reinstalling

    johhnyD i got u a link for what a etkey looks like can u please add it in

    the link for the image is
    add the img tags around it first if u wanna use it


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    Re: Etkeys And Reinstalling

    good job.
    it can help meny players

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    Re: Etkeys And Reinstalling

    thanks big help!

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