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    [COD4] xInstantHook v2.0

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    From: doby31 Promoters

    And as u can see we are working on chams for instanthook V2.0
    as always enable disable features are always included in the hack

    We are testing it actually on vista 64... after that test it will be added on your lastest build 2.5 !!
    Be little patient... more to come

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    Re: [COD4] xInstantHook v2.0

    i love the chams

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    Re: [COD4] xInstantHook v2.0

    I have this hack for Call of duty 2, But the server is offline since today

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    Re: [COD4] xInstantHook v2.0

    Another screens ------->> 85 % of the Cham's is complete

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    Re: [COD4] xInstantHook v2.0

    that nice

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    Re: [COD4] xInstantHook v2.0

    lovely hacks

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    Re: [COD4] xInstantHook v2.0

    Ok, i click this link ->

    and i get this page.


    All i want to do is change my bf2142 ingame name as a matter of curiosity. I know of a couple of guy's who have different ingame name's to there name's in my buddy list. I've seen them using for year's and they never change there name's again. So though they have (in-effect) two name's. It never change's in-game either. I never see them getting punkbusted.

    I would really like this hack. (if indeed it really is a hack)

    I could not care for aimbot's because i can own people at knifing without. Though it doe's make me laugh when i get pwned by a botter and yet -> I <- get called the noob by them. looool

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