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    [RELEASE] FANTASY CoD2Bot v2 | DETECTED Feb 24 - multihack 70787

    Fantasy CoD2Bot v2 DETECTED Feb 24 - multihack 70787 If you don't like it, don't use it. Num0 = Menu // If you cannot find your Num0 do not ask here, google. If you don't have a num0 key, oh well :cool: Pbss -> Clean Thanks to the coders at and Undetected as...
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    Old hooking method, don't care if it gets detected. Have fun enjoy. I just updated the hack, played for 4hours in multiple servers no kick. Please let me know asap if you get kicked. Num0 = Menu If you don't like it, don't use it. If you can't find Num0, oh well :rolleyes:. Pbss -> Clean...
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    [IDEA HELP]CoD Bots

    NightGhost and I are planning on making hacks for Call of Duty 2, 4, and 5(Not mw2 due to it being updated every other day, maybe in the future). We are going to release them publically, they will be undetected(not sure for how long :happy:/and possibly ss proof, NightGhost is worried it will...
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    YOU CANNOT POST THIS IN ANY OTHER FORUMS WITHOUT PERMISSION! Credits: Are in the menu Tab I just remember, Crx, X22(My menu is visually based off his) I honestly cannot recall the rest, if you want to know just go to the credits tab in the menu This is just a trail for you people ;) AutoAim...
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    CoD5_Hook [Beta]

    CoD5_Hook By: Thor Released at: Instructions: Start CoD5_Hook.exe, Broswe to the CoD::WAW directory, Point it to the game's exe. Features: Dvar unlocker No-Recoil If you download give thanks :).
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    delete me Request Delete
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    [Release]Combat Arms Bypass

    Bypasses most kicks, if you get kicked for something just give a reply here. I will just patch it over. Inject into Engine.exe, just use sinject autoinject :). GIVE THANKS!!!
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    [Release]Unpacked Engine.exe

    Just updated takes a couple seconds to unpack it, so I figured Id release it to the people who don't know how to use olly. [/Update] Just making a new bypass for it I just noticed they didn't update Engine.exe lol [Update] GIVE THANKS!
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    [CoD1]RadonBot - Private

    I added some stuff to my bot, I plan to sell it pretty soon so if you do wanna purchase pm me. This bot is just packed with everything, and if you want a feature in it that I don't already have in it I will add it; Free of charge .
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    SoF2 What Patch?

    I'm going to be making a hack for SoF2, I am wondering what is the most popular patch. Link to patch please =]
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    [Release]RadonBot Version 0.24c

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    [Preview]CoD1Bot By: Thor

    This is just a preview of my CoD1Bot Credits: Crx, Sycore, Silencer Features so far, Fully Functional Gui Wallhack KillSpam NoRecoil CrossHair(4 types) Dm/Tdm game mode Aimbot HumanAim AutoShoot AutoSight//Not added yet AimPrediction Radar Radar Size Adjustment Color Selection for Radar &...
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    l33t H4x0r?
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    [CoD2]Simple NoRecoil

    This is for those new coders out there ;). This is just a simple tut to get NoRecoil for CoD2. There are many ways to do this, this is just my way. We want to first find the function "CG_FireWeapon" in the Quake3SDK(Software Devoupment Kit) This is the function /* ================...
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