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    [Release] QLitemz

    Not from using QLItemz though, was using my own stuff.
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    [Release] cod4Hook Basic

    This is an old project where stealth93 and myself worked on when we had some spare time. Some might know this hack from the whiteLight loader, but we made plenty of changes and we never got around providing them before. The aimcode is strongly improved, especially for weapons such as snipers. It...
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    Fixing VS 2010 crash when opening .xaml files

    Recently, an annoying bug came up. The problem with this one isn't necessarily my code but relies on Visual Studio. Whenever I open a .xaml file, the IDE crashed right away. Without giving any instructions. I read a lot of "fixes" on the internet, yet, none really explained what the problem...
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    Text / image paster

    I wrote this web application so I could exchange schematics and programming code (with highlighting). The difference between a regular pastebin service is the 'drawing' section. Have a play with it if you want. Examples: C-code...
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    [QL] Offset list

    Offset list generated by QLHook. This information is provided by stealth93, pulser and myself. Imports / exports Syscall: 0x2bb210 vmMain: 0x5a568 Functions CG_Text_Width: 0x8780 CG_Text_Height: 0x8840 CG_Text_Paint: 0x89d0 CG_ScanForCrosshair: 0xbdb0 CG_Trace: 0x32bd0 CG_AllocLocalEntity...
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    [Release] QLHook

    We decided to release the next versions in whiteLight's loader system. You can download the client at The reason is simple, we can easily keep track of the current version and provide you guys the latest hack version whenever available. The QLHook version included in the...
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    QuakeLive Offsets list

    Hello. The following list is a dump from a project we are working on. With 'we', I mean, stealth93, pulser and myself. Short addresses are the pointers to where it happens inside the struct, so don't forget <struct offset> + <ptr> vmMain: address: 0x5a568 Syscall: address: 0x2bb210...
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    Nexus on SLAC?

    I had a laugh when looking at this: [Coming Soon]KG.Safe v2.0 W:ET - Forum | KGCheat They could atleast change colors to make it look a little more realistic though...
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    [QL] Model indexes

    Model indexes can be used to filter out models rendered in RE_AddRefEntityToScene or anywhere else. int* modelIndex = (int*)( ( DWORD ) dllHandles.hQuakeLive + 0x657160 + 0xA8 ); Model index is in centity_t at 0xA8. Here are some indexes I use: #define INDEX_ROCKET 13 #define...
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    [QL] Mouse unlock

    Mouse unlocking QuakeLive uses the browser mouse. We can simply unlock but checking the plugin dll. Since we all know we show/hide a cursor with an API provided function called ShowCursor, and we know we can center and lock a cursor with ClipCursor. Open up quakelive.dll in IDA or any other...
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    whiteLight Quake Live

    This is the result of a week hardcore coding. The hack will be available for free at the whiteLight loader whenever it gets finished. Excuse me for the bad quality. Credits to stealth, pulser and myself. This hack has been released under the aB brand due to whiteLight beeing inactive...
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    Another ET scam...

    Private Cheats Since when is a nexus rip-off SLAC proof? Just in case, I'll let you people know, this is a scam. Regards, mOwl
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    Black screen

    Hello, I downloaded BlackOps with its delivered skidrow crack. I'm only interested in the single player part but after the intro, the screen turns black and doesn't respond. Anyone who has fixed this? Running the game on the resolution as my desktop fails due a crash happening at...
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    Quake Live 1.0.401

    Hello all. QuakeLive updated their client yesterday. I was at that time currently creating a small hack for QL, which was a waste of time as I didn't know id Software was about to update their game. Now I found an hour of free-time to reverse the new dll. Looks like the syscall struct got...
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    [Release] Universal ET Wallhack

    Hello all. Lately I saw several requests for ET wallhacks on newer mods (ex: n!tmod, noquarter, etc...). As the topic title describes, this is just a wallhack, nothing less, nothing more. The only diffirence, this wallhack ain't mod dependant and will work on any mod, aslong as you run the...
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    [ET] Add atmospheric effects

    Hello. I was wondering where atmospheric effects are added into the game. Since 'railgun' has snow, and 'radar' has rain. This is a little extra / nothing serious. I looked up some atmo-arguments, and I came up with this: .text:3002762F loc_3002762F: ; CODE XREF...
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    [ET] Manipulate loadingscreen (ETPro)

    Well hello. I don't think anyone else has showed how this can be done. Anyways, I've looked in ETSDK where it draws the loading screen. This function took my attention: 'CG_DrawConnectScreen'. So I loaded up the ETPro module in IDA, since it contains a few text strings, it wasn't very hard to...
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    A competition hack by mOwl and pulser. Screenshots attached. We do not share this hack, we got our beta-testers and thats it. This is just some eye-candy! Regards, mOwl
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    [Source] Command register / Cvar force (Undetected)

    Hello. This is just a small project I've tested a long time ago. I saw it still standing on my desktop, so I release it here :) I didn't hook a single function in cgame or the executable. And my single API detour gets removed whenever the job is done. Getting the Cmd_AddCommand function...
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    [Wolf:ET] Sort players for aiming

    Hello all. A friend asked me I could show him how I sort targets. I found it interesting to share this with you all. I used nexus as test-platform. Enjoy! PS: Using an iterator on class-level inside the header (: Player sorting class: class listPlayer_t /*typedef struct*/ { public: //...