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  1. sil#s

    PHP Browser Game Development

    If any of you are interested in developing a rpg game, visit : RPG Develop Developing Browser Based PHP Games.
  2. sil#s

    [PHP]Snippet - MYSQL

    function updaterow($row = array()) { $querystring = ""; foreach($row as $a=>$b) { $querystring .= "$a='$b',"; } $querystring = rtrim($querystring, ","); $query = mysql_query("UPDATE table SET $querystring "); } simple update query..though it could be...
  3. sil#s


    Who ever remembers me ...I'm sil#s , a good old supporter :P Sup all i'm back! btw: love the theme...
  4. sil#s

    [Help]Why eth32 doesn't work?

    Title says all.
  5. sil#s

    Back :P

    Rofl sup all, It's me sil#s :P
  6. sil#s

    Summer & Configs!

    Hello! All i am proud on behalf of me and thanks to cory. I open in front of you a Full Service of configs around :ETH32 & Flex. Just to make it happier i will also kindly add your configs to the site and within that we will have a config bar , as free as you can. but for those who want the...
  7. sil#s

    Scary Stories:Cory and the monk

    Beyond the woods a little temple laying around for 1000 years, and had been used by the secret monk unity. They were a group adventure guys ,they had never feared the unknown and always perhaps forever will be looking for the mysterious. Their leader was cory, a nice short guy who was dressed...
  8. sil#s

    Scary Stories:GhostKiller..OMG

    -ok just you'd know i am ill and sick in my brain. Midnight,an abandoned factory, a gang that is ruled by Ghostkiller a leader known as ghost robber, no one notice his in and out. His truly professional between his guys he owns 50 kills, and almost covered his whole body with tattoos. He and...
  9. sil#s

    scary stories:Nick damn lol

    (For god sake i am board) it is a historical note that was found. The light of the sun has waked up a warrior upon the morning. A bright darkness will arrive soon and for the knight there no shelter, the knight was a high tall warrior which wear a black armor with cloak on his back. He went...
  10. sil#s

    Scary stories:Fragger lol....

    (I just couldn't stop myself and thought about a new story.) It was a full moon night, while the fisherman fragger went to fish some black tilapia and corb fish. While fishing he noticed a weird voice coming from the beyond woods, he went to see what is going on there, and came across little...
  11. sil#s

    Scary Stories:Rttn Today....

    Looking out of the windows airplane a group of men notice a huge island under them, shortly with out any logical thinking they tried to communicate with the head airport. After a short wait they have send a message that contains details about the place. they said: "Airplane,422,we have found a...
  12. sil#s


    xhalt is a HACKER he leveled up so fast his 58 or something and i am 18 how come????? what hack you use to level up?
  13. sil#s

    [IjjI]Gunz System.mrs hack

    Hey guys, I am here today with new stuff to update you. There is a game called [ijji] gunz:the dual. A fantastic fantasy game which preforms a 3D player with amazing weapons and swords. _(I personally like this game)_ Well the main point is HOW will we hack this game. Maybe a trainer/hack...
  14. sil#s

    Configuration team..

    I am pretty stupid to do such thing but.. Could you tell me who is in ,which people i accepted.. stupid me deleted the list of you..
  15. sil#s

    [Gunz:The Dual] Style-S

    Hey everybody! This game is a version of gunz which most of you know here. I am proud to show my style and share it powers with you. Welcome to my style! Now, before we start just know learning style isn't easy and it asks for high requirements,To become a pro. This is hole guide is only for...
  16. sil#s

    [AtulosOnline] - CE Hack

    Greeting Brave Hackers!! I counting on your success in hacking this game. Forward on I'd like you to download the following helpful tools: 1)CheatEngine 5.4 2)AtulosOnline -------------------------------------- Following this guide may provide a helpful New exp for a begin hacker. So stay...
  17. sil#s

    [Suggestion]Anti-virus Scan

    Hello Great Users! I've notice lately we that we have problem's with downloads,since we are afraid they might be virus or something else! well here is the solution: Each download that will be taken place in the forum and not in the Download section,Should be added in the topic a scan list...
  18. sil#s


    [Tutorial] [AQ]-Hack Hello!! Welcome to my guide,from this point,I'd like you too Download The following Files. 1)Type the exact Text into Google search:[AQ modern v0.5] 2)If you Don't have an account at AQ(Adventure Quest) Go and sign up then log to your account. (Be sure to have flash...
  19. sil#s

    Looking For a Team...

    For all now... I am working my Service as most of you are informed in. (Click) Beyond that My friend is currently making a site,so because that it's gone be ready soon, I am looking for a special team. Requirements: Having experience the following game: wolfenstein-enemy territory Having...
  20. sil#s

    [Probleme]ET loader error

    Lastly i discovered a hidden virus...though i needed after this to remake everything i made so far,i mean making anew windows and all stuff again. all the sudden after downloading et i open it with eth32 or without and i get the following error: loader code after error | | ET...