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    Simple No recoil For Cod4

    Simple No recoil & unlock cvars For Cod4 ....................
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    Call Of Duty 1.7 No Recoil.

    Call Of Duty 1.7 No Recoil & cvarUnlocker ..................
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    Salt3r-ET Private

    artificial Snip3r Private delete
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    Finding cgs, cg, cg_entities,cg_weapons and cg_items.

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    .................... ....................
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    RTCW Wallhack 1.41b

    Same again Just giving the section a little extra.
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    RTCW 1.4 CvarUnlocker

    Noticed this section was dead so I decided to add a few things For anyone out there who still plays the game. Unlocked all cheat protected cvars for 1.4 patch. Only Mod I could see on 1.4 was omnibot? if theres anymore leave a msg and ill add it soon as you ask DETECTION: Untested But I am...
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    Radar Enemies

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    delete ............
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    pSCod4Bot Source

    As I don't have time no more because I prefer to play ET in competition instead of hacking I am going to release my source.. This isnt 100% going to compile straight away because I have removed our GHL (this is for private use) so you will have to use msDetours and get another find pattern etc...
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    Simple VB Broser for the new kids=D

    Simple VB Browser for the new kids=D Nothing special just one basic method to create Your Own Basic Web Browser In Visual Basic: First of start by creating a windows form application. Click on Toolbox & look for WebBrowser then inside your box align it whereever you want like this: Next...
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    Basic inline _asm calc

    Basic Add & Subtract in inline. #include <Windows.h> #include <iostream> using namespace std; int Add(int NumberOne, int NumberTwo) { int Num1 = NumberOne, Num2 = NumberTwo, total; cout << "NumberOne = " << Num1 << "\n"; cout << "NumberTwo = " << Num2 << "\n\n"; _asm mov...
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    inline asm apis

    custom apis (inline) Before anything this is my first attempt with inline so if any bugs tell me. i know you can improve and make these better & edit but i werent going to release full on amazing beasts:P and yeah there are other methods. Some people might find these usefull. writ in inline...
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    Never made an introduction on but anyway. Some people may have seen me around lately thought id give some info. Real Name is Michael Salter I am 17 years old I am from united kingdom -Liverpool What language i use: C++ Projects i work on atm: pSCod4Bot (not working 100% on this been...
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    Simple Rectangle d3d9

    I have missed a private stuff out of the class and source but here is everything you need for drawing text. d3dhooks.h class DXGH { public: void DrawFillRect(IDirect3DDevice9* dev, int x, int y, int w, int h,unsigned char r, unsigned char g, unsigned char b); static HRESULT WINAPI...
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    Simple drawing text for any d3d9 game

    I have missed a private stuff out of the class and source but here is everything you need for drawing text. d3dhooks.h class DXGH { public: bool DrawMessage(LPD3DXFONT font, unsigned int x, unsigned int y, int alpha, unsigned char r, unsigned char g, unsigned char b, LPCSTR Message); //Draw...
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    dx9 vTable

    Nothing special here just something what saves a fair bit of boring time:P struct D3D9_vTable { unsigned long QueryInterface; //0 unsigned long AddRef; //1 unsigned long Release; //2 unsigned long TestCooperativeLevel; //3 unsigned long GetAvailableTextureMem; //4...
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    Call of duty world at war zombies chams

    right, so if your starting d3d for first time and want to do chams. here is an example from world at war nazi zombies (SINGLE PLAYER) as seen in this video chams arent complete but this is just example. okay so presuming you have the d3d starter kit include in your project and go to...
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    Hey dont know if this is correct thread if not sorry. but i am getting stuck on RegisterFont on quakelive. i am unsure what to do next and how to find, What i have already: RenderScene, DrawActiveFrame, vm_create, But for some reason im failing at Register Font any directions or pointers would...