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  1. FreckleS

    Java Tuts

    G'day fellas, trying to get back into the swing of things lately and thought I'd pop around and see how everything is going over here. I was just wondering if anybody knew of any good java tuts out there as I have to learn the rubbish for college so I thought I'd try get a bit of a head start...
  2. FreckleS

    Load File From Server Into Assembly

    Easy as. Credits to Load an EXE File and Run It from Memory - CodeProject® .NET Managed files only...if you want native have some fun. /* Load File From Server Into Assembly * */ using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using...
  3. FreckleS

    Super Hider 2.0

    What the -blank-? Super Hider is a program I have been working on for some time now, I got the idea when I saw a post talking about a file hider. It used simple attributes and was a good example but it didn't quite cut it for me and my wonderful porn I wish to hide. If there are any problems...
  4. FreckleS

    Super Hider

    What the -blank-? Super Hider is a program I have been working on for some time now, I got the idea when I saw a post talking about a file hider. It used simple attributes and was a good example but it didn't quite cut it for me and my wonderful porn I wish to hide. Features Unlimited File...
  5. FreckleS

    Authentication Class

    This is a very simple tool that allows a coder to add authentication into their developments without having to know how to program it entirely. It only requires the coder to create a new instance of the auth class then add user info and they have a full working authentication system...
  6. FreckleS

    SMF Password Encryption

    The password encryption for SMF 1.1 + is to get a SHA1 Hash on the username and password concatenated as lowercase. ' SMF Password Encrypter ' Imports System.Text Imports System.Security.Cryptography Module SHA1 Sub Main() Console.Title = "SMF Password...
  7. FreckleS

    Custom Authentication

    What is it? Custom Authentication is a way of adding Anti-Leak Protection into your programs or hacks. I specialize in adding it into hacks however I will do most programs. If you submit something for Custom Authentication there is no guarantee that it will work or be added to it. Of course I...
  8. FreckleS

    Project Ghostt

    Hi everybody, I invite you to my new site. I would like to thank ghostt for hosting me and yeah, come on round have a look at some stuff and stick around. Peace!
  9. FreckleS

    Visual Basic Tutorial

    Hello, throughout this post I will teach you the basics of Visual Basic (.NET). Before we start I would like to clear up some things. I am not saying that everything in this tutorial is 100% correct, if it was I would probably be getting paid millions. I also would like to point out that this...
  10. FreckleS

    Recursive File Search

    This will list all Directories -> Sub Directories - > Files within a specific directory. You could quite easily filter which files/file types you wanted to be displayed but I will let you figure that out :) ' Recursive Search by FreckleS ' ' '
  11. FreckleS

    [Release] CoD 4 - Control Binder

    Information: Simple little tool that allows you to bind keys etc without having the difficulties of writing your own config etc. Usage: Program will ask you to enter the command an example would be: bind w "+forward" Will then ask if you wish to add another, "Y" or "N", I didn't put much into...
  12. FreckleS

    CoD 4 - Control Binder

    Credits to me and Imports Microsoft.Win32 Imports System.IO Module ControlBinder Sub Main() '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ' Project: Call of Duty 4 - Control binder ' Author: FreckleS ' Purpose: PoC - Fun '...
  13. FreckleS

    Need A Project

    Hi there everyone, I have been rather dormant lately and I am in need of a project. I am looking for something that I will code in VB, legit (no keystealer, loggers etc). Hacks are not going to be considered as they are in C++ (standard) so a program you would like to be made that you would find...
  14. FreckleS

    C++ - Structures(Login Example)

    An example on how to use structures, it uses a login form for a client etc. It has no encryption etc however if you use this as a base for an alp or anything similiar I recommend encryption/protection of some sort. I was using it for some other stuff but thought some people might need it. You...
  15. FreckleS

    Demo - Arrays, Functions, Logical Operators

    I have been working on my C++ and just experimenting, I thought some people might need to know how to use arrays, functions and logical operators. Just a quick little program, no real use but handy to learn from // Checks if a number is between 2 entered numbers. // Demonstrates Arrays...
  16. FreckleS

    Settings Demonstration - Colour Sliders

    I have been helping a mate out with learning VB over TeamViewer, this was the end product. I will post up all the work we do just as some resources for beginners :) Source is also attached if you need to know how to add them Public Class frmMain...
  17. FreckleS

    CD Key Protector

    Disclaimer This software is NOT perfect and I take NO responsibility if CD Keys are still stolen even whilst this software is running. However, this will protect you from most fors of modern-day stealers bar a certain one for sure ";)". I suggest backing up your CD Key before use as if the...
  18. FreckleS

    CD Key Protector

    Hey everyone. I have been working on my key protector a bit more and I have ended up with the following: I will be releasing this in a day or two depending on how much time I get..
  19. FreckleS

    Custom CopyFileClass [LOL?]

    Well...It still uses the File. methods of but its just a bit different..bit of fun. Was playing around with bytes a bit and thought this would be a bit of fun lol... Give credits if you use please, its not flash but still are due ;) Here it is: Imports System.IO Module CopyFileClass...
  20. FreckleS

    CD Key Protector

    Yo. Source for my CD Key Protector : It is fairly self explanatory. I commented most things you would need to know. If you wish to add extra games I recommend simply adding arrays to the nec variables and go...