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  1. Bubble

    Oldschool friends

    anyone know why nC decided to shut down completely ? Had all of my contacts in MSN but lost access long ago so never really had a chance to ask what happened
  2. Bubble

    See ya

    The time has finally come fellow users. I don't like goodbyes so I won't talk much. Goodbye everyone and thank you so much for all your support, help and every little thing you did for me. Cheers, Chris aka bubble
  3. Bubble

    [Teeworlds]Client render hook

    Simple render hook for Teeworlds 0.5.2 main.cpp #include <windows.h> #include <detours.h> void (*o_gfx_quads_begin)(); void h_gfx_quads_begin() { o_gfx_quads_begin(); } void (*o_gfx_quads_end)(); void h_gfx_quads_end() { o_gfx_quads_end(); } void (*o_gfx_setcolor)(float r, float g...
  4. Bubble

    [QuakeLive]ItemTimer hack

    For those who don't believe: World's first QuakeLive ItemTimer hack
  5. Bubble

    quakelive score

    Just a test of a new aimbot with fixed aiming speed
  6. Bubble

    Quake Live test movies

    Hi, Just wanted to show you my new QL hack's test movies. Human with default setting, still working on it: InstantGib, rage:
  7. Bubble


    QuakeLive Structures for version At the beginning: /**************** refdef_t Struct ****************/ typedef struct { int x, y, width, height; float fov_x, fov_y; vec3_t vieworg; vec3_t viewaxis[3]; int time; int...
  8. Bubble

    [Private Release]QuakeLive hack

    I'm too lazy to finish my quakeLive hack so I decided to release it as private release. Ofc i'm not gonna send it to people with 10 posts :) What you have to do to be able to dl it? click thanks/post/do something useful/invite your friends to join aB. You did it? Send me pm now for more...
  9. Bubble

    [C++]My API

    I'm working on my new API called UserAuth++. It's a kind of ALP/Protector/Security System. Fully coded in c++ / winAPI. Just wanted to share with you... SQL Compatibility: -mySQL -SQLite -Microsoft SQL Server OS Compatibility: -Windows XP 32/64-bit -Windows Vista 32/64-bit -Windows 7 32/64-bit...
  10. Bubble

    [Tutorial]Searching and re-coding structs

    My tutorial will be based on q3 engine game called QuakeLive. For example we want to re-code cg_t struct. Searching for the struct 1. Search for the strings in CG_Init function(cg_main.c/q3SDK ) bingo! we found "white" string = trap_R_RegisterShader( "white" ); 2...
  11. Bubble

    Hello my name is...

    Take a look guys...maybe you know this guy ;) his name is Akon Thiam, Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Biography - Check his real name ;)
  12. Bubble

    [idtech3 Engine]Basic Menu

    Basic q3 engine menu...I coded it a long long time ago. I hope it will be useful for someone. btw. it's not finished Credits:King-Orgy, q3 SDK and sir3n for the mouse offsets #include "main.h" /*MENU*/ RGBA_COLOR colWhite = { 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f }; RGBA_COLOR colBlack...
  13. Bubble

    [Release]SP RTCW HOOK for 1.41b

    SinglePlayer RTCW HOOK I was bored so I made something for aB. It's nothing special but i hope that someone will enjoy. Supported version: 1.41b SinglePlayer Only Features: -Wallhack -Chams(2 types) *Flat *Skinnyquad -Radar -Esp: *name *weapon *distance -Cvars Compatibility -Windows XP...
  14. Bubble

    [Quake2] Offsets

    Quake2 version 3.2 offsets RenderView = ref_gl.dll + 0x08E20 DeltaEntity = 0x402A60; If someone need basehook for this version i can upload my project here. GetRefAPI .text:1000A52D mov [esp+60h+var_4C], offset loc_100079D0//R_BeginRegistration .text:1000A535...
  15. Bubble

    [Release]Cod4bot by bubble

    cod4bot public coded by bubble Since my old hook is detected i decided to release it Features: BoxESP NameESP DistanceESP WorldESP(heli, granade) HeadPoint(for sniper) Radar Menu NoRecoil Wallhack Config file Perfect features to play legit! Tested on 1440x900 without AdjustFrom640 so don't...
  16. Bubble

    [Release]Public cod1bot

    cod1bot public coded by bubble Features: Aimbot Prediction NameESP Wallhack Radar Features are poor coz i stopped coding cheats for cod1. This game is just too old ;) Punkbuster: DETECTED Support: Call Of Duty 1 1.5 Only Compatibility Windows Vista Windows XP Enjoy! Credits: IDA Pro...
  17. Bubble

    [Quake Live]Offsets

    Go to "AppData\LocalLow\id Software\quakelive\home\baseq3" and open "cgamex86.dll" by using IDA Pro CG Structs memset( &cgs, 0, sizeof( cgs ) ); memset( &cg, 0, sizeof( cg ) ); memset( cg_entities, 0, sizeof(cg_entities) ); memset( cg_weapons, 0, sizeof(cg_weapons) ); memset( cg_items, 0...
  18. Bubble

    [Release]Public cod2bot

    cod2bot public coded by bubble Features: Aimbot Prediction BoxESP NameESP DistanceESP Wallhack Features list is poor coz im focus on the aimbot. Everything is setup in src(no cvars and cfg file). I'll be posting next versions here(public versions ofc). Punkbuster: DETECTED Support: Call Of...
  19. Bubble

    [RELEASE]ETAuto 0.11 old release

    Hello guys... today we have 6.03.2009 so time to release some old shit from me Nothing special but maybe someone need something like that ETAuto 0.11 by bubble for etpub 2.55 Old release Q3 Engine based hook Cheat is dedicated for cheat servers cause it's probably detected by the newest...