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  1. GraVis

    Oldskool Bots

    Hey guys, maybe this was asked before but i got following problem: Some months ago i played the last time with an oldskool bot. Now i want to play with them again but no one works. I tried all oldskool bots from ice to GL but no oldskool bot is working. I tried to reinstall them but nothing...
  2. GraVis

    Jeff Dunham rulez lmao...

    HI guys, check this out its Jeff and Achmed 1uwOL4rB-go Its sooo i laughed so much. This one is cool also: IZjMgbRUsZM He is just awesome :) Regards,
  3. GraVis

    ET Downloads

    Hi guys, I just got a little idea. I was searching for the program ETmin in the Enemy Territory section and i needed 15 mins to find it. How about making 3 sections (or more) in the ET section with different titles like one with CFG's one with Bots and one with other programs? And in these...
  4. GraVis

    --[GraVis' Request Thread]--

    Well, I just decided to open up my own Request thread. I think i improoved a lot since i started with Photoshop. And since some ppl asked me to make them a sig or something, i was thinking about opening my own thread and... well... here is it! :) If u want to request any art please tell me...
  5. GraVis

    Crushr Ownage this evening!

    Hey guys this was my Crushr 666 Flex Ownage this evening: Headshots: 1143 Kills: 387 Deaths: 41 Acc:around 60.0 I think those are some nice vecz ;) Regards,
  6. GraVis

    [CFG]GV.Eth32 v0.1

    GV.Eth32 v0.1 by GraVis Hey guys, this is my first cfg , which i made and release. I also added my own killspam... u can use it or not. Hope u guys like it. Would be nice to see some Replies if u wanna have a v0.2 or if i should stop making CFG's!! :P ;) Btw: credits to angel for the base...
  7. GraVis

    GraVis Gallery.

    Hey peeps, so i decided to open a gallery here at cU too. Here u can see my latest works. Okay here we go: Hope to see some replies Regards,
  8. GraVis

    Mouse doesnt move!

    Hi guys, Im using Eth32 and it worked perfectly. Yesterday i loaded a cfg when i used Eth32 and now when i join a team i cant move the mouse. When i press Esc, the mouse works but not in game. Please help me thanks gravis
  9. GraVis

    Cfg for OldSkool Bots

    Hey guys, I just wanted to know if it is possible to make a cfg for oldskool bots. im using n7lite and GLhook and i wondered if its possible to make a cfg for the bots. thanks gravis
  10. GraVis


    Hi guys, so here is my gallery, hope u like it. Please give me some feedback when u read this: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. More to come :P Thank u for ur attention -Regards gravis
  11. GraVis

    New clan -=DS=-

    Hi guys, theres a new clan up in ET. Its -=DS=- (DeathStalkers). Owners are Peekaboo, Jinnantonix and Jethro.tull. We got two servers an old school server and a no bot server and the website is (VBulletin!). We are also recruiting at the moment so join us on the...
  12. GraVis

    My new Sig.

    Hi guys, i worked a bit, read some tuts and made this: please give me a feedback. - best regards graVis
  13. GraVis

    Just an idea.

    This script is for the bind freaks. If you simply do not have enough keys to bind your stuff to, this script is the solution. With it you can bind 2 commands to 1 key. That is without toggle!!! You can use the key normally and in combination with CTRL. See Attachements :)
  14. GraVis

    my new signature.

    Hi guys this is my new sig, hope u like it. please give me some feedbacks, i read some tuts since my last arts, i hope this one is better than the others :P -regards gravis
  15. GraVis

    My Art. What ya think?

    Hi guys. Here u can check out my artworks. First the signatures, starts from the first i made and ends with the last. And please write some Replies. Here the clanlogo i have created: k i think thats enough for the first... more to come... :) Regards graVis
  16. GraVis

    :cD: clan site changed!

    Hey guys. The website of :clanDesigns: (:cD:) has changed from to! Please check it out. ;) Thanks for attention. graVis
  17. GraVis

    :cD: clan,

    Hey guys. Me and some friends created a new design clan, called :cD: (clanDesigns). If u want a new sig, contact us on the site. We are also recruiting at the moment and we are looking for talented "Photoshopers" :P There are already 14 members in our clan. ^^^^^^^^(click on the...