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    [help] only 20 servers show up always

    hey i resecntly installed the game, i have done most of the training thing, i go to aa broswer but yet only 20 servers come up, just wondering if there is a way to go to more servers? i have also tried to add more but yet no luck thanks :p
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    [question] Cracked servers

    hey i had a little look around and i couldn't find any cracked servers for this game, is that because there isn't any or i didn't look hard enough. thanks heaps for any help gorey
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    No hack wooot

    hey guys, i dont usually use hacks, i only do when im bored. but i wasnt today when i was playing online on cracked servers (up all night) is the server name when i got this massive ass score. I SWEAR THIS WAS NOT HACKING AND THINK ITS A PRETTY GOOD SCORE IF U ASK ME.
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    What are??

    hey guys once again, just wondering wat language is aim bots wall hacks and soo on written in? and also what would i need to start like programs i mean. thanks heaps
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    cod4 cracked servers

    hey guys just wondering if anyone knowns of any cod 4 cracked servers or where to find.... i found a few but a lot of them i cant get on to because i leave in aus my ping is a little high, so if you have any cod 4 cracked servers pb or non pb i dont care plz post it here :P ill really...
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    [Request] hacking Teacher

    HEY, wondering if anyone would like to be my teacher on learning some c++, or wat eva code they use to make aimbots or something, keen to learn i no basic java, if that will help a little, i will even let u assit my computer as u teach me so i can see exactly wat u are doing, because YES IM...
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    [question] what program do i need to start programing with c++

    hey guys, i want to start programing with C++ but i dont no what program to use to start like with java u need easy eclipse and stuff so could u please tell me what i need for C++?? cheers gorey
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    [Question] Do u have to pay to play?

    hey, i have heard so much about this game i heard its really good but, i dont no do u have to pay to play? or can u play cracked servers, or is it free, if not how much are cd keys and all that?? sorry once again if in rong section but im trying to learn plz dont flame im only new cheers gorey
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    [Question] Can you request a tut here?

    hey im new and wondering if i can request a tut? in this part or do i need to ask somewhere else?? if i can ask here could i request a cod 4 1.7 wallhack tut?? things in it just a box around them with the name guns and stuff, if you are wishing to write this tut and want more info on what i...
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    hey im gorey

    hey everybody, im new and i thought i should say hi lol.... but anyways from what i have seen on this forums looks like ill enjoy it here :P talk to u's later gorey